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FS: Like new 1086 10mm w/o box

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Well I think I want to sell my 1086 since it is never going to be used by me as a carry or range gun. Neither of my grandsons are old enough to have the gun for at least 15 to 18 years and by then it may be illegal to own w/o special permits because of the far left Democrat's. Also with my arthritic hands shooting the auto-loading guns of any caliber size leaves me not being able to use the hand then next couple of days and the pain has gotten really serious. I put two magazines through my 1006 the other day and my hand keep me awake most of the night. I suspect the slamming of the slide is the deal because the 610 does not seem to bother me much, but for how much longer I can't say for sure but a guess is 2 years at most.

There was a guy that is a Sky Marshal that really wanted the gun, but I lost his email in the switch to the new laptop. I feel bad about not getting hold of him for first chance to buy.

I want $800 and that includes shipping to your FFL and the sale will be final and no refunds from me or buyer. The gun could pass for NIB if I had a box, but I don't, so it ain't going for NIB price. I have run 20 rounds through the gun and it function flawless and I hit the paper plate stapled to the target holder at 25 yards every time when I did slow aimed fire, the one magazine was a rapid fire to see if it would FTF or FTE and it functioned perfect. I have since then change the old night sights out for new low mount night sight rear and standard front night sight.

What a friend wants me to get is a FN Five-seveN high speed plastic wonder, but I kind of doubt that I will as the $900 plus for the gun just floors me. Should be in price range of a Glock. But who knows I may give it a try. I have always liked the feel and the fact that it is more like shooting my Ruger MkI then a military or police pistol.

These are pictures taken before replacing the night sights and I went to low mount for rear sight. I still have the original sights and will include them. I have replaced the recoil spring with new spring from S&W and new magazine springs & followers from S&W for both magazines just this past January and the gun has not been fired since the installs. She is a beauty with no scratchs or houlster wear and I will update the photo's later this week. For the collectors the laser etching is in good shape and can even be seen in these crappy pictures.