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FS: Leupold Rogue Compact 10x25

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For Valentine's Day my g/f got me a gift card to Dick's and I blew it on a pair of Leupold binoculars. I thought they were the Mesa compact but they're 10x25, not 10x23. The Rogue compact has the 10x25, but for some reason the binoculars do not have the model listed anywhere on the exterior. They retail at $100 and haven't been used more than a couple of times to fine adjust the focus on the right eyepiece. It's there in case one eye has a different vision spec than the other. Even with contacts my eyes are still a bit off from each other, so it's nice to have. It also has twist eyepieces so you can jam your face right onto them and not get too close to the ocular lenses. They're pretty neat.

Anyway, I don't use them, and I thought I'd see if anyone could give them a good home. They come with a case and a one-piece ocular cover. There's a lanyard here somewhere that I'm about to look for. I'd take $70 plus shipping for them. I have the receipt as well. PM with any offers.
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