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I am re-doing my office and going to wood laminate floors. My current desk is a L shaped metal and glass desk. It has server me well over the years. I bought it for $180.00 about 4 or 5 years ago when I was in college. The Glass is still in excellent condition with no cracks or chips or anything.

The silver parts have some scratching but not bad at all. It has a slide out keyboard tray that can accomodate a standard mouse. It also includes a computer tower stand that will keep it off the carpet and thus reduce the amount of dust that gets sucked into your machine.

4 of the screws are missing (they were lost in the move to my new house) but they do not affect stability or looks. It has cable management pieces on the side of the left desk to organize those millions of cables.

Is broken down VERY easily and VERY easy to transport. I imagine you could get this in the backseat of a car or at least a small SUV/Truck

Computer/speakers/filing cabinet/clock...etc do not come with the table.

First with $80 cash takes it home. I need to buy an L shaped wood desk so please no lowball offers.

I am at I-20 and SH 360 just south of Traders village (I could walk if I wanted to)

Email/PM me if interested

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