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Fs: Kifaru multicam

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by sovereign, Feb 22, 2010.

  1. sovereign


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    Oct 5, 2001
    G2 MOLLE EXPRESS. Used as a carry on one time. Never used in the field. As new condition. Padded PALS belt, size Medium. Includes Chamber Pocket. $360 Shipped.



    G1 Tailgunner 1. NEW. Never used. Includes Chamber Pocket and Shoulder Strap. $105.


    The following are all NEW, never used pouches:

    G2 2 Quart Utility (X2): $46 each.

    Long Pocket Hybrid Top Zip: $55.

    Mini Long Pocket (X2): $49 each.

    Skinny Mini Long Pocket: $44.

    Malice GPS: $22.50. *****SOLD*****

    Small Pod: $28. *****SOLD*****

    Medium Pod: $33. *****SOLD*****


    The following have been used in an urban setting, no field use, excellent condition:

    G2 E&E: $100. *******SOLD******

    Organizer: $65. *******SOLD******


    The G2 MOLLEX price is shipping included. All others add $5 for shipping, unless you buy 3 or more items in which case shipping is included. All pouches include the appropriate number of MALICE clips.

    Payment via USPS Postal Money Order or Paypal* (+3%). Insurance optional at buyer's request.

    *Paypal: Transactions over $100 must have a "confirmed" PP address and some positive feedback somewhere on the web.

    *******APO/AFO address: I will ship to .mil locations if you pay via USPS Postal MO. Insurance optional at buyer's request. My responsibility ends by the providing of proof of shipment via Delivery Confirmation sent to you.

    Trades considered for:

    G2 CB Zulu.

    CB GPS Mailce pouches.

    G2 CB 2 Quart Utility pouches.

    G2 CB E&E.

    CB Stash-It.

    I have positive feedback on Kifaru as well as +48 positive feedback here: