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Selling two holsters that I don’t need anymore. Price include shipping in the U.S.

1. Leather IWB holster for Kahr PM9/MK9. Made by Lobo Gun Leather. Used a few times. In excellent condition. Holds the gun very securely. Leather loops fit a 1.5” belt. As you can see in the pics, I used this gun with a Kahr MK9. It should also fit a PM9. (The PM9 is slightly larger than the MK9.) Disclaimers: Please note that I needed to trim the leather "sweat shield" slightly as it was too large for my tastes. Thus the edge of the sweat shield is slightly rougher than the rest of the holster. It's hardly noticeable, but I wanted to mention it. Price: $38 The Lobo Holster has been sold.

2. Comp-Tac C.T.AC. for Kahr P9. Should also fit a CW9, and maybe a K9. The K9 is slightly narrower, so you would probably need to tighten the retention screw a bit. This holster includes two velcro clips. Velcro clips are worn behind behind the belt and hide very well. They work particularly well when the gun/holster is worn under a tucked shirt. I will include two strips of adhesive velcro to attach to your carry belt to use with the velcro clips. Price: $35 The C.T.A.C. Holster has been sold.

Thanks for looking! Photos of the two holsters are below.


Leather IWB holster for PM9/MK9:

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