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Beretta 92 Nut!
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PRICE LOWERED to $920 for a local purchase!!

Forsale in College Station, TX

FN Five Seven - Comes with all accessories. I have never used the included cleaning kit. SIX mags also included (5 mags are 20 rounders - 1 mag is a 30 round mag)

I only have put 473 rounds thru the gun!:

08-04-07 200 Rounds
08-16-07 100 Rounds
09-23-07 040 Rounds
11-15-07 083 Rounds
03-06-08 050 Rounds

TOTAL 473 Rounds

The FN Five Seven USG has very little recoil. The ammo (5.7x28mm can shoot at long distances - and the gun has a fully adjustable rear sight).

Original serial # sticker is also still on the top of the slide - as it came when purchased new.

$920 for gun, case, 6 mags and everything that originally came with the gun!

Located in College Station, Texas - but possibly willing to meet someone from nearby out of town. Must be 21 or older and be legally able to own a handgun.

Face to face sales only!

Contact me at: [email protected] (ad is posted on several sites, so e-mailing me is the sure way to get it 1st)

(I am selling this because I caught the 1911 bug again)


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