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FS: HP JetDirect EX Plus3 Token Ring (3 port Token Ring print server)

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by Wadely, Apr 3, 2003.

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    Dec 17, 2001
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    This was in use and working right up until it was pulled this morning. It's in the original box, with all paperwork, power supply and original JetAdmin install CD.

    Just in case you didn't read all of the title, this is for 4/16 TOKEN RING networks only. It's got a switch on it where you can select either 4 or 16 mbps. 16 is the only setting it's ever been used at.

    It has three parallel ports on it, as well as jacks for RJ-45 and 9-pin Token Ring connections.

    As already mentioned, it worked fine this morning when it was pulled... but is being sold completely as-is due to the fact that it's older and it's for Token Ring, which most people either don't have or don't understand and I can't be responsible for you knowing how to use it.

    Physically, the device looks like new. No scratches or other blemishes on it that I can see.

    Asking $25 plus shipping (not sure exactly what that will be, but guess is around $5).

    Yes, I'm willing to do a face-to-face deal and skip the shipping. I'm in the Portland, Oregon area. Shipping will be via USPS w/ Delivery Confirmation. Payment can be by Money Order, cash or personal check (I will postpone shipping until the check clears).

    I'll consider interesting trades.. not looking for anything in particular, but you never know what you may have that will interest me. 10/22 stuff, Glock :) stuff, Kahr stuff, computer stuff, who knows what all kinds of stuff.

    PM or email me if interested or with questions. Also, please update this thread with a YGM, but I might not check the board every day, so email dibs get first shot.