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FS HELLWEG 1911 RH holsters, Va

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by 1*45, May 19, 2006.

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    Feb 28, 2003
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    #1 - KSS SWAT HOLSTER, Right hand, 1911 5 inch, Full profile front covers the triggerguard and ejection port, gives added protection from dirt and weather. Suede lined for a smooth, quiet draw. Tension screw lets you set draw resistance. Furnished with Standard Belt Plate that adjusts for height and carry angle; provides additional clearance for clothing and vest. IDPA approved when used with Concealment Belt Plate. new in wrap.
    Brownells # 425-111-005 MSRP $103.13, Sell $65.00 shipped

    #2 - KST Tactical Holster. Right hand, 1911, 5 inch, Wear on the hip for duty, behind the back for concealment, or re-position for cross draw. Standard Belt Plate has clearance for protective vests. Fully adjustable for carry angle and height. Molded Kydex® with suede lining provides outstanding strength, yet is gentle on the gun's finish. Friction fit, no thumb snap; draw is easy and silent. Covers the trigger guard. New in wrap.
    Brownells # 425-109-011 MSRP $103.13, Sell $65.00 shipped

    #3 - 1911, 5 inch right hand, The KSTC Tactical-C Holster with the Concealment Belt Plate lets the gun ride low and close to the body. Positions gun 1-7/8" below the belt. Fully adjustable for height and angle of carry, provides full access to grip. Suede lined for smooth, quiet draw. Tension screw lets you set draw resistance. New in wrap.
    Brownells # 425-110-005 MSRP $103.13, Sell $65.00 shipped

    $3 - HELWEG 1 and 3/4 inch concealment belt plates (CBP), have 2, new in wrap.
    Brownells # 425-000-002 MSRO $24.53, sell for $15.00 each shipped

    no pictures available, Please go to brownells web sight to check out item.
    Please email any questions or response to this add, thanks
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