All tools in VG condition. Want to pass these tools along to someone who will use them. Not interested in trades right now. If interested contact me and we can discuss shipping options and cost. Payment accepted - PayPal F/F. Any questions about any of the tools contact me.

Murray's Vent Rib (Repairs Dented Vent Ribs) Tool - $30
Pulls out dented shotgun vent ribs in only minutes. Easy to attach, and quick to use. Brass bridge won't mark top of rib; steel jaws self-adjust.

Walker Shotgun Barrel Chamber Gauge (12 GA) With Handle - $29
Helps identify obsolete, too-short chambers and measures length of forcing cone.

C&H Research In-Stock Mercury Recoil Reducer - $30
Eliminates effects of recoil using mercury. Compact, permanently sealed, steel case is made from bar stock; the only moving part is the liquid mercury so there's no wear, no chance of leaks. Fits in the rifle or shotgun stocks and are drilled and tapped 1/4"-28 tpi for easy installation and removal. Measures 4" long and .85" in diameter.

T-Handle Stock Wrench - $20