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All Brand new in original packaging:

(2) Pearce Grip Extension PG-36 +1 (GLOCK model 36 plus one extension)
GLOCK model 36 plus one extension. Replaces the magazine floor plate converting the factory magazines to seven round capacity. External locking feature doubles as a contour blending feature completing the lower rear of grip.
$8.50 ea or $16.00 for both with FREE Shipping.

(SOLD) Glock Factory +2 magazine extensions with inserts.
$8.99 ea with FREE Shipping. Buy 2 or more for $8.50 ea. with FREE Shipping.

(Sold to Liquidsilver96) Pearce Grip PG-2733 Extensions (G26 adds 2rnds, G27/33 adds 1rnd)
$8.75 ea with FREE Shipping.

Post here then PM if interested.

USPS Money Order only.

1 - 20 of 57 Posts