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LNIB unfired G19 in OD Green, brand new Mepro 10224's (green/green) installed, includes all original gear and one extra 15 rounder for a total of 3 magazines. Shell casing shows test fire date in May 08 (IIRC).

$550 FTF in Central FL, I will be in SW Florida this weekend as well. Only trade considered would be a comparable M&P9 full size, preferably with night sights, or without + cash. SPF

Also have 6 additional G19 mags, 2 of which have Glock +2 extensions; will include for an additional $120 (or sell outright).

Finally Comp-tac MTAC kydex body and kydex single mag holder, MTAC body is a slide so it will work with 17/19/26/34 and the .40/.357 equivalents, and mag holder will definitely work with all Glock 9mm mags and I would assume the .40/357 as well. Will include the Comp-tac parts for an additional $40 (or sell outright).

1 - 5 of 5 Posts