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For sale is this beautiful set of wood grips for a CZ 75B. They are made by Haken Pek. I just bought these grips from another forum member. Unfortunately, I forgot that my stainless 75B has an “extended” magazine release, so these grips won’t fit without some modification. The modification wouldn’t be THAT difficult...but I’m hesitant to file/dremel/sand such nice grips for fear of messing up the finish.

The price for these grips is $40 shipped, which is what I paid for them. If they don’t sell at that price, I will just keep them as I expect to have another 75B in my collection at some time in the future. ;)

As far as trades go, I would also be interested in trading for:

- Another set of wood grips that would fit my stainless 75B
- A leather OWB or IWB holster for my 75B
- A leather IWB holster for a Kahr MK9

Thanks for looking!


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