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I have a very nice Finn 91/30 that I would like to sell. I received the rifle a few years ago in a trade. I thought it was a standard Russian 91/30 until I started to really look at the rifle about a month ago. I posted some questions in the C&R forum and found out that it was a Finn capture 91/30. There is a SA mark on the receiver and the stock has a Finnish cartouche. The stock is in very good condition but it looks as though it has a hairline crack on the wrist. The crack does not appear to go all of the way through the stock. I noticed it while inspecting the rifle before I posted it for sale. The upper handguard also has a deep scratch that extends approximately 3 inches down the lenght of the handguard. The bolt matches the receiver. The bore is a little dark but it has strong rifling.

Sell for $170. I would prefer a ftf sale or trade in the Madison, WI area but I would consider shipping. The buyer must be willing to provide either a copy of their C&R FFL or a valid WI ID. If interested send me an email. I can provide additional pics.

For trades I'm looking for anything listed below. I can add cash where necessary.
-C&R handguns
-Enfield No.4 or No.5, possibly a Mk. III
-91/30 Sniper
-1911 frame
-S&W model 10

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