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FS/FT in NoVA: FN FiveseveN, looking for X frames...

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I have a LNIB FiveseveN pistol FS or FT in NoVA. The gun is VERY new, has less then 300 rounds through it and comes with a Blackhawk Serpa holster, the 200 free rounds that came with the gun and a spare 30 round mag (yes, 30, it has an extension) all for $950 cash or a trade for a Smith X frame. Prefer 460 XVR in 8 3/8s", but will consider .500s and other barrel lengths in either caliber. Depending on condition of gun, cash may be required, especially for .500s.

Also have about 500 rounds of once fired brass (my 300 plus about 200 more picked up from the range), 200 pulled ss192/195 30 grain HP bullets, a set of custom Lee 5.7 dies (complete with both a Lee factory modified shell and auto-prime holders). Also have about 300 rounds (in box) of ss197 blue tip, 200 rounds ss196 red tip and 200 ss192. All of the extras cost extra and can be worked out as part of the deal. Will not part out until pistol is sold.

PLEASE use the email link and DO NOT PM me (as primary means of communication) if interested. I will be cross posting to other forums and I get the message MUCH faster if sent via email.

TONS of pics can be provided.