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Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by bobby_lori, Mar 15, 2004.

  1. bobby_lori


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    Oct 17, 2003
    Doing spring cleaning. Have the following DVDs for sell or trade:
    Outland (Sean Connery)
    Time Cop 2 (Jason Lee)
    WWE: NWO Back in black (wrestling)
    WWE: Rebellion (wrestling)
    WWE: Triple H-that damn good (wrestling)
    WWE: The Rock, the people's champ (wrestling)
    WWE: The Rock, Just bring it (wrestling)
    WWE: Triple H, the Game (wrestling)
    WWE: Best of Confidental (wrestling)
    WWE: Before they were superstars (wrestling)
    WWE: Action (wrestling)
    WWE: Stone Cold: Hell Yeah (wtrestling)
    WWE: Stone Cold: cause stone cold said so (wrestling)
    Enemy of teh State )Will SMith)
    The Corruptor (Chow Yun Fat, Mark Wahlberg)
    Highlander: the Director's Cut
    Highlander 2: the Director's Cut
    Young Guns
    Drop Zone (Wesley Snipes)
    Taming of the Shrew
    Innocent Blood (Vampire)
    Dr Dolittle 2 (Eddie Murphy
    The Order (Heath Ledger)
    Walking Tall (Bufford Pusser)
    Derailed (Van Damme)
    Black Eagle (Van Damme)
    Minority Report (Tome Cruise)
    Wonderland (Val Kilmer)
    Man Apart (In Diesel)
    Head of State (Chris Rock)
    Invasion USA (Chuck Norris)
    Rush (Jason patric, Jennifer Jason Leigh)
    Missing in Action (Chuck Norris)
    Good Guys wear black (Chuck Norris)
    Eye for an eye (Chuck Norris)
    Code of silence (Chuck Norris)
    K-9: 911 (James Belusji)
    Star Treck : Nemesis
    Delta Force 2 (Chuck Norris)
    Top Dog (Chuck Norris)
    Breaker, Breaker (Chuck Norris)
    Agent Red (Dolph Lundgren)
    Time Lock )Jeff Speakman)
    I Spy (Eddie Murphy, Owen Wilson)
    Robocop 2
    First Blood Box Set (1, 2, 3) Rambo $25 for the set
    Return of the Incredible Hulk
    Chinese connection/ Fists of fury( Bruce Lee) double set
    Cliffhanger (Stallone)
    Death Wish 5 (Charles Bronson)
    Ricocher (Denzil Washington)
    Chris Rock Bigger & Blacker (Live)
    Martin Lawrence you so craxy (Live)
    Bad Company (Chris Rock)
    Lost in Space
    Greatest 70 Crime Shows (SWAT, Rookies, Starsky & Hutch,)
    Black Knight (Martin Lawrence)
    Loaded Weapon 1 (Sam Jackson, Emilo Estevez)
    King of New York (Wesley Snipes, Christopher Walken)
    Logan's Run
    Shadow Warriros (Hulk Hogan, Carl Weathers)
    New Jack City (Wesley Snipes)
    Next of Kin (Patrick Swayze)
    Dragon: the Bruce Lee story (Jason Lee)
    Star Wars 1 the phantom menace
    Star Wars 2 Attack of the clones
    Complete James Bond Collection (all 20 movies, plus2 extra: Never say never agin & The Bond Girls special DVD) $200 for all 22 in the set.

    I am looking for :
    1911 holsters,
    1911 mags (Wilson and Chip McCormick only)
    Beretta holsters

    Email me for trades.

    I take paypal, checks or money orders. SHipping will be actual cost. I will combine shipping.
    DVDs are $7 each unless otherwise noted