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FS/FT,Digital camcorder w/ tons of extras

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by LaserMax30, Jun 25, 2002.

  1. LaserMax30

    LaserMax30 Guest

    This is a jvc brand,I have just included a link here for the reason that this link will give you all the info you want to know.
    If interested email me and I can send you all the pics of actual product your heart desires ;f

    I bought this new 8 mos ago,I have all cables, connections,manuals (both software and camcorder).
    The camcorder and battery are as new less than 5hrs on everything,the original battery is a 1 hr.the remote is inclued.
    Plus I have purchaced these items seperatly:
    new NEVER CHARGED 4-6 hr.battery $170-$200+
    table tripod,about a dozen sealed tapes.

    Everything listed above for $600 cash/bank check/paypal I will split the 2.9% charge;Q

    AS ALWAYS : I understand your concerns sending strangers amounts of $$$,I have read some stories on G.T here and I am new here so...
    I will be happy to do a escrow service,buyer must pay their fee.
    But that is the safest way to do it.
    Or I can put it up on ebay,that will cost me about $10 to list and fees.
    How ever I do assure all of you reading this ,I have never frauded anyone in my life and do not intend to start here.. ;L
    email for more pics:

    Here is the link: