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FS/FT: DDR, Livesay, Tighe, Strider, Szabo, Vorpal, Greco +

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by Howling Moose, Dec 24, 2002.

  1. Howling Moose

    Howling Moose

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    May 23, 2001
    Loveland, CO
    Tactical fixed blades and folders...sellin' or tradin' - last minute stocking stuffers, or just one of those ya' gotta have :D

    - Darrel Ralph Echelon Fighter -
    Steel: _CPM3V - OAL:12.25" - Blade: 7" with mild recurve, flat ground Satin finish with a superb V-edge - dark Canvas Micarta handle, full Kydex sheath...light, balanced and quick in the hand - as nis. - _value $395 _
    Photo: __ _

    3 ½" 6K Stellite, double ground fighter style blade, titanium bolster, frame, lock and clip, carbon fiber scales, thumb stud opener, satin finish on blade, bead blast finish on bolster, serrated thumb ramp. value - $575.00

    - Hayes TAC-Custom _ -_ Braided, epoxied handle, 6"blade -
    OAL: - Blade: 6 1/8" - material: 0-1 tool steel, buffed finish, double grind - Handle: black kstring and ray epoxied Japanese cord wrap - Kydex sheath with TekLock. value $400
    Photo: (no serrations on my blade)

    - Strider BN - (Ltd. run piece)
    OAL: 13" - Cutting edge: 6" - he BN spawned from the "SEAL 2001"...the BN-SS is basically a Seal 2001 without "SEAL 2001" stamped on it. unused/uncarried $450

    - Greco LaDuena -
    OAL: 15 5/8" - Weight: 19oz - Blade 9" of 8670 steel, hand ground, black powder coated "bolo". Black Micarta scales with stainless hex screws. Thumb notches above the integral guard for enhanced grip and control. Lanyard holes below the guard and pommel. Ships with a hand fitted Kydex lined leather sheath. nis. value $250

    -SZABO "Ultimate Jaws"
    The culmination of all Jaws. The "End All". Elegant, scary, the Ultimate Jaws is a true multipurpose defensive weapon. Designed as a "Fighting Knife", The Ultimate Jaws, due to its stoutness, can be used in the field for many utilitarian applications, awesome both as a thruster and a slasher it is a perfect military field knife, or assault team backup weapon. OVERALL LENGTH: 10 3/4 " _- _BLADE LENGTH: 5 1/2 "_ _ - nis. value $170

    - VORPAL Ranger #9 (first blade out to the public by Bobby Branton)
    Double hollow-ground 7.5" blade, A-2 steel, .25" stock...false top edge, black Micarta scales and shoulder harness and "clamsheel" style break out sheath...a terrific all-purpose tactical carry from the protege of Walter Brend - will build your shelter, or take off a leg (ummmm, Elk? :D ). _nis. value $350

    - FARID T-1000:
    3.6" Blade X 3/16" stock - Chissel ground T-1 blade with black Diamond Matrix, hollow ground edge.. 8.5" overall. Linen Micarta handle over Titanium liners with Titanium bolsters. Thumb stud and pocket clip. Weight 7 oz. - value $450

    - Livesay RTAK -
    Used once on a couple of limbs, then the edge was re-profiled to "BinLaden shaving sharp" :D . A few mars in the blade center, but is still 95%+. Comes with standard green military sheath, and a custom Survival Sheath Systems back-carry Kydex rig (will trade as a system or separate). value $205

    - Western Bowie W-49 (customized)
    This older model Western Bowie is in excellent condition, and comes with the tan leather Coleman/Western sheath. 14-3/4" OAL with a 9-1/2" stainless Bowie blade. Laminated rosewood handles with brass guard. Customized: The massive brass handguard has been cut down to a more manageable size (right where the bend started), the rosewood handle has been rounded and thinned, and the clip-point has been slightly lowered. This knife looks and feels great, and is much better than new...very nice...value $90

    - Buck "Kalinga"
    Fixed blade skinner, 4.5" swept back blade, brass guard, cocobolo wood handle, studded leather sheath - pristine collectors case. value $175

    -TOPS Magnum Tanto M-711
    OAL: 10.625" - Closed: 6" - Blade: 4.75" Black Traction Coated - Thickness Blade - .175 Cryo Treated - Weight: 11 oz Blade Steel: 154 CM - RC 60 Blade Color: Handle Material: Heat Treated Aircraft Aluminum T-6 Handle - Liner Lock: Stainless Steel 17-4 - Sheath Material: Kydex Heavy Duty LBE Sheath Setup: Vertical or Horizontal Positioning - nis.value $175

    Trades wanted: Mad Dog, Snody, Brend, Mayo, Blackwood, Lightfoot, DDR, JSP, Hayes, Reeve Sebenza's...tactical fixed blades and folders. Looking for trades of equal value....