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FS/FT Benchmade/Emerson/Spyderco/EDI for Surefires/Knives

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by ToddM, May 22, 2002.

  1. ToddM


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    May 22, 2002
    Have several knives for trade:

    What I have to sell/trade:

    EDI genesis II, black plain blade, as new, no box $70

    Emerson Mach I, black plain blade, new, no box $90

    Benchmade 612s, crawford leopard, mint, no box $75

    Benchmade 970sbt, emerson design tanto, black combo blade, as new, thumbstud has tiny scratch, no box. $100

    Spyderco, same as proventor only no rubber handle inserts, blade as new, some light pocket carry scuffs on handle. Believe it was called the Hunter. $50

    Beretta airlight AL new, no box $35

    Cold steel voyager serrated tanto, good used condition, no box. $40

    What I'm looking for:


    G2 black
    8AX hard anodized
    9N with rapid charger
    M2, M3T or M4 hard anodized
    E2 hard anodized
    E2 elite hard anodized

    Surefire Accessories:

    lamps (P60, MN10, N90)
    M3 turbo head conversion
    9AN/9NT turbo head conversion
    9N drop in rapid charger

    Other surefire lights / surefire stuff also concidered

    Other lights:

    Streamlight Ultra Stinger
    Streamlight xt hp stinger


    Reeve large regular Sebenza
    Microtech socom ma tanto, black blade
    BM 942sbt

    Items can be seen at: