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First of all, this is an advertisement sanctioned by Front Sight, which does not generally permit membership sales to be placed in public media.

I am able to offer a Diamond lifetime membership, along with a certificate for a 4-day gun rental and the opportunity to fire 2 magazines in an Uzi submachine gun while at Front Sight, all for just $249.

If you don't know about Front Sight, it is the premier handgun training facility in the USA, located (primarily) in Nevada near Reno and in Alaska. You can learn about them at, including the full list of classes that this membership would allow you to take. The only additional charge would be for a $50 background check once per calendar year, for any year in which you want to register for a class. (This is paid to Front Sight, not to me.)

I have a limited number of these lifetime memberships available for sale. Please email me at [email protected] with any questions. Provide me with your telephone number if you want to discuss making a purchase.

Thanks, and safe shooting!
Ira Cotton
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