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Sold Pending Funds

This unit has been slightly used and is great on Coyotes. It is in excellent condition. Include is the caller remote and USB cable for adding your own sounds. Free Software is available from the FOXPRO website.

This compact game caller delivers crystal-clear digital sound quality. The flawless recordings carry extreme distances thanks to the high-efficiency, high-volume dual-speaker system. External audio and speaker jacks give you the ability to add another speaker or plug in a portable cassette, MP3 or CD player. The unit also allows you to record your own sounds without the need for an additional adapter. Remote gives you push-button command of 16 pre-recorded calls. The auxiliary jack runs the "Jack in the Box" decoy. The FX3 comes with the TX-5LR long-range remote control, allowing you to change volume, pause, mute and control the decoy right from your hiding spot. Sounds loaded on this unit is as follows:

Juvenile Red Fox Distress
Lightning Jack
Screaming Rabbit
Coyote Integration Howl
Coyote Female Invitation
Challenge Howl 3
Coyote Pup Distress 2
Jack Rabbit Distress
Rabbit Distress No. 1
Baby Cottontail
Baby Cottontail Frenzy
Young Rabbit Distress
Kiss of Death
Kitten Distress
Fawn Distress
Squirrel Distress

Units also can be shipped back to Foxpro for custom reprogramming - an incredible variety of sounds from which to choose.

Cabella’s sells this model for $399 plus shipping

You can check my feedback on Ebay Minniedog2 over 500 positives and no negatives. I accept Postal Money Orders. $310 shipped via priority mail insured. You will have it three days after payment is received. FTF possible in Amarillo area

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