FS: FirstGear Textile Jacket, Red, Large & KBC helmet

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    Mar 1, 2003
    I have a FirstGear Textile Jacket (with liner), "speed" model in large size. It's used (~4 months), but has never sustained any damage, and shows no wear except a couple bug-splats and some discoloration in the collar region. My camera lights this jacket up in pretty bad so reference this: http://www.epinions.com/auto-Motorsports-Accessories-All-Firstgear_Speed_Jacket/display_~full_specs

    I'll throw in the gloves, size large, good condition.
    Close-up of neck region, forgive the funky flash artifact surrounding the collar (the checkered appearing area appears solid black to the eye, consistent with the jacket in the link above).

    FYI, I'm 6'1" tall and 180 lbs and the jacket fits me well. I'll attest that at speeds up to 140 mph the jacket displays very minimal flutter.

    Asking $75 OBO for the Jacket/gloves + shipping.

    KBC economy helmet, silver, large.

    The helmet is in good shape, never wrecked. It does show some scuffs and sports a low mileage tinted windscreen.


    Asking $40 + shipping for the helmet. Call Mark at 480-861-1973 for more info.