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FS: Fighting Knife designed by Robert K Spear $250.00

Robert K. Spear Designed Fighting Knife $250.00
9 ½” Blade
5 ¼” handle
15” Overall Length
1 5/8” Wide Blade
1 ¾” wide Brass Guard by 3 3/8” Tall
Full Tang with Steel Pommel Butt Cap
5” Long by ¼” wide Blood Groove

Black-Eagle Nylon Sheath with Pocket for sharpening stone sheath has hard insert to meet Airborne jump standard. (Prevents blade from piercing leg if fell upon)

This knife was designed by Robert K. Spear (author of the book “Military Knife Fighting). This knife is exclusively featured throughout his book. Only 300 were made and they are rare. This knife is a super deal at $250.00 delivered. I will also include a copy of the “military knife fighting” book by Robert K. Spear who designed and had the knives built.

Please call (270) 534-0500 to place an order
OR e-mail [email protected]
We accept MC, VISA, AMEX, DISC and Postal Money Orders
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