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FS (E.WA) Glock stuff, 45-70 Dies, Badge & More!

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by clarkstoncz, Mar 24, 2010.

  1. clarkstoncz


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    Sep 28, 2006
    A NEW Custom built badge by Blackington.
    (The best badge company in the business)

    7 point star design with State of Oregon center seal.

    Superb badge without the custom wait!

    I ordered it a few years ago, and never wore it as I moved to Nevada, a couple weeks later where I was issued badges.

    I don't remember if it is Nickel or Hi-Glo finish.

    Still a great looking badge that will give years of service, or
    add to a collection.

    Rear View:

    Will also include the clip-on black leather badge carrier.

    Asking $75 shipped.

    I accept money orders and Gun Pal (Add $5)

    You the buyer are responsible for proper use/display of this
    badge or patches.

    No trades or refunds.




    3 Police patches as shown.


    Never been worn.

    $22 shipped. (add $2 for Gun Pal)


    I now have 2 Glock posters for sale.

    Break In Case Of Emergency

    Police Patches
    Both of these have small pin holes in each corner but are serviceable for you gun room.

    $35 plus shipping/ins.

    Buy them somewhere else if you can find them cheaper.
    (Add $2 for GP)



    I purchased these last year on Ebay for my wife who was into Glocks.

    2006-2010 in superb condition.

    No tears or missing pages.

    2006-2009 are no longer in print.

    I just picked this up from my local Dealer.

    FREE 2010 GLOCK ANNUAL and Glock decal.

    Buy them from someone else if you can find them, or buy them cheaper.

    I'll also add this FREE Glock stuff!
    Also new additions:
    Know that the GLOCK pin in this auction is
    the older Gold type pin that is no longer

    Asking $45 plus shipping/ins on the annuals.
    Free shipping on the Glock memorabilia
    which will come in a small bag.

    I accept postal money orders or Gun Pal (add $4)

    Lee 45-70 dies.

    3 dies in great condition in the red plastic case.
    LEE hand press with Ram Prime tools, and 2 ounces of
    Case Resizing Lubricant, and powder measure.
    Quintetics bullet puller. Like new in package.
    I found my old one a day after buying this one.

    No trades accepted.

    I accept us postal or other money orders.

    Buyer to pay for actual shipping/ins.

    Asking $55 (add $3 for GP)
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