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FS: DPMS AR-15 and Reloading gear in NH

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Selling my DPMS AR15 with ALL accessories....

I WILL NOT break up this lot.

Press and parts:

Lee Pro 1000 Progressive
.223/5.56 Dies mounted on 3 position carrier
.223 Shellplate


Federal 205 – 372
Winchester Staynless – 75
CCI 400 – 135


Tracers – 213
55GR FMJBT – 289
Hornady 55GR FMJBT – Approx 1000


Fiocchi Primed/Sized/Polished/Trimmed – 284
Fiocchi Sized/Polished/Decapped – 700-800
Lake City 08 Sized/Swagged/Polished/Decapped – 300ish


1LB H4198

Live Ammo:

66 Rounds factory Federal
23 Rounds Tracer Ammo (Hand Loads)
20 Rounds Factory Remington
115 Rounds 55GR FMJ (Spring River 55gr FMJBT on 25.0 GR H335 Federal 205 Primer)


USGI 30 Round Magazine Green Follower Black Teflon (4)
USGI 30 Round Magazine Green Follower Dry film Grey (2)

DPMS 16" M4 Flat Top W/ Adjustable stock (<1000 Rounds Fired)

Bushnell Elite 3200 10x40 MilDot
Warne 1" Maxima Quick-Detachable Weaver-Style Rings Matte High


I have misc. unsorted brass, some 2x fired, cleaning kit, possibly some other primers and bullets. I am still looking for stuff.

I WILL NOT break up this lot.

This is all or nothing. The only thing I will take into consideration is the scope... I will keep it and take $150 off the price if you choose. Please email with any questions.

I WILL NOT break up this lot.

Entire Package: $1400 - Firm
Less Bushnell Scope: $1250 - Firm

Sale will be FTF in Southern NH with proof of age and residency. Will ship rifle to your FFL and everything else goes ground LEGALLY so it might not be cheaper to take the primers/powder.

Will follow all rules and regs in the State of NH. Shipping and out of state transfers are on your dime.


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Will consider offers for entire lot.
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