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FS: Dillon 550B

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For sale is a used Dillon 550B. I have had this for about four years now, but do not reload/shoot much anymore because of no time.

Comes with Strong Mount
Balance Beam Scale
Bullet Tray
Head holder
9mm conversion and 45 ACP conversion
9mm dies and 45 ACP dies.. .which may be rusty!

$500.00 SHIPPED. Money Order. Add 3% paypal.

Available extra is a lyman tumbler and franford tumbler for extra $$$

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I'll take the Dillon - how much for the tumblers?
Still have the tumblers??
Everything has been SOLD to texasredneck
Everything has been SOLD to texasredneck
And received promptly w/GREAT comms - my sincere thanks!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts