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FS: Dillon 550B and many accessories

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by 1911user, Apr 21, 2006.

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    Mar 17, 2006
    For sale is a Dillon 550B press (complete) with many accessories for sale seperately. Payment will only be by USPS money order. No checks. I have good feedback on ebay, and all under 1911user. I pack well and ship quickly via USPS or UPS. Shipping is NOT included in the cost and I won't throw it in to make a sale. Shipping cost will be actual USPS or UPS cost.

    This press and all accessories work great as is. The only reason I'm selling this is to buy a different progressive press that fits my rifle loading needs better. The Dillon 550B press is a legend and a darn good progressive press. I'd keep it if I could afford to for pistol loading. 500 loaded rounds per hour is no problem with a little practice.

    To buy an item, post "I'll take _________" in this thread and send an email or PM. If you have questions or concerns, ask about them first. NO conditional dibs for a question, clarification, waiting for a picture, or any other reason; you're either commiting to buy it at the stated price or not. Prices are very firm and no trades. Local pickup of the press (or a large group of smaller items) is possible in North-central Oklahoma. I'd rather ship the small items than arrange a meet. Local pickup means you are buying it, not just wanting to see a dillon 550 in person. Lowball offers will be cheerfully ignored.

    PRESS IS SOLD The complete 550B press with everything Dillon would include (new large/small priming system parts incl. fill/mag primer tubes, complete powder measure w/ pistol/rifle bars, 550 powder die, toolhead, loaded cartridge bin and holder, low-primer alarm) plus a 550 spare parts kit, not setup for any caliber, $295 (no dies, no shellplates)
    picture of press
    picture of included press accessories

    SPF 1 used complete 550 powder measure (no powder die) with pistol and rifle charge bars, $50
    8 toolheads SOLD (none left); 8 used 550 toolheads, $11 each (no powder dies, just the toolhead)
    3 stands SOLD (none left); 3 used toolhead stands, $10 each (just the stand to hold a loaded toolhead)
    5 powder dies SOLD (none left); 5 used 550 powder dies, $6 each
    SPF 1 used 450 powder die, $9
    SPF 1 new powder measure adapter, $11 (this fits onto the 450 powder die and allow using a normal 7/8-14 threaded, adjustable powder measure on a dillon 550 or 650. It's mainly good for loading rifle powder or using a benchrest quality measure)
    SPF 1 new-style dillon bench wrench and 21 new-style 1" rings, $13 (wrench fits 1" rings and 7/16" end fits powder bar adjustment)
    picture of toolheads, stands, dies, adapter, wrench/rings, and extra powder measure

    Complete, used conversion kits with storage box
    SOLD 45 ACP 550 conversion kit, $32 (no blue plastic storage box)
    SOLD 38/357 550 conversion kit, $32
    SOLD 9mm 550 conversion kit, $26
    SOLD 223 550 conversion kit, $32
    SOLD 44 mag 550 conversion kit, $40 (comes with used Lee carbide 44 sizing die, Lee 44 seater die, and Lee shellholder)
    Will sell 44 mag conv. kit without the dies for $32
    picture of conversion kits, 44 dies

    Used rifle powder funnels for 450/550 powder dies, no shellplates, no buttons.
    SOLD 243 powder funnel only, $5
    SOLD 7mm powder funnel only, $4
    SOLD 308/30-06 powder funnel only, $5
    SOLD AK powder funnel, $4

    SPF New 40 S&W pistol funnel, $6 (use with 9mm kit and different buttons to load 40)
    picture closeup of funnels