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FS Buck Outdoorsman Selector 0429-A7-0 (KY)

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by bobelk99, Jan 29, 2010.

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    Mar 1, 2005
    Central KY
    Buck Outdoorsman Selector 0429-A7-0

    Buck Outdoorsman Selector 0429-A7-0 with box, papers and skinner blade that has been sharpened.
    Excellent to new condition except for blade.

    $40 shipped

    Items 2 through 6 are new old stock blades in unopened factory packaging.
    $12 each plus $3 shipping for one or more blades. No shipping if purchased with item 1.

    Item 2. Serrated clip blade
    Item 3. Serrated clip blade
    Item 4. Serrated hawkbill blade
    Item 5. Serrated hawkbill blade
    Item 6. Saw blade.

    $90 for all 6 items.

    Links to additional pics: V52/Bill003.jpg V52/Bill004.jpg V52/Bill005.jpg V52/Bill008.jpg V52/Bill009.jpg V52/Bill010.jpg V52/Bill012.jpg V52/Bill013.jpg V52/V52Box1.jpg V52/V52Box2.jpg V52/V52Box3.jpg V52/V52Box4.jpg V52/V52Pack1.jpg V52/V52Pack2.jpg V52/V52Pack3.jpg V52/V52Pack4.jpg V52/V52Pack5.jpg V52/V52Pack6.jpg V52/V52Pack8.jpg V52/V52Paper2.jpg V52/V52Paper3.jpg