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For Sale - Can do FTF Richmond to NOVA if need be.

AmeriGlo Standard night sights. for Glock standard frame (17,19,23,23,24,26,27,33,34,35,36,38,39). Green/Yellow. $58 shipped/paypal

5 Glock 33 round factory mags. New, never loaded, ambi cut. Purchased brand new in the last 4 months from Natchez. $37/ea shipped/paypal

1500 sealed rounds of Wolf poly coated 9mm 115gr FMJ. I've used about 4500 of this 6000 round lot without a problem for IPSC in the last year. I got into reloading so it must go!!!!! $190/1000 or $270/1500 FTF in Fredericksburg, VA. NO SHIPPING. SOLD LOCAL

1000 rounds Magtech .32 Auto 71gr. FMJ. $170 FTF in Fredericksburg, VA. NO SHIPPING

MTAC/CTAC standard clips. One is trimmed to the second hole down...the other is untouched. $12 shipped/paypal SPF
4 Concealable Control Floorplates for Glock 26 mags. ( ) Never used but out of package. $36 shipped/paypal SPF to THE PUNISHER

Email is best - [email protected]
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