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FS: AIWA XH-A1000 stereo and SONY DVPS560D DVD player

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by zamiel, Mar 9, 2003.

  1. zamiel


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    Oct 30, 2001
    I must sell both of these combined...
    first off, the stereo...

    This thing retailed for $699 when I bought it...
    it has 800 total watts, 5 speakers (only 2 shown in picture in link above), 3 CD tray system, 1 casette, 3 inputs for different audio/video devices, plus 5.1 ch inputs
    it is is perfect condition...not a thing wrong with it (speakers are perfect)

    the DVD player
    it retailed for $300 when I bought it...
    it has a built in dolby digital decoder, component output, s-video out put, composite output, optical audio out, and other nice features...
    the unit itself is also in perfect condition...nothing wrong with it at all
    the only thing wrong is that the battery cover on the remote control is missing on the DVD remote brother brought his dog over once and we never saw the cover again...
    other than that, they are both adult owned...

    combined when I bought both of these items was $1000
    I'm selling them for $500 + shipping
    shipping will probably be $50 (3 boxes, at least)
    I will also include however Monster audio cables (3 sets of 2 for 6 total cables) so that you can hook up the 5.1 ch inputs between the stereo and dvd player...(retail is expensive on these, but I'm throwing them in for free)
    you can also probably get another cover for the dvd player as I've seen that same remote on newer models...
    or, you could get a universal remote

    paypal accepted (no credit cards, unless you compensate for their fees), checks, money orders also accepted
    eBay user id "e-mallen"
    I will do whatever is possible to make you feel comfortable with this deal

    no trades...

    any takers out there?