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FS: 90 Yamaha Radian YX600 Ohio CHEAP

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by StallionMotors, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. StallionMotors


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    Mar 20, 2004
    Central Ohio, great gas mileage!!!

    $800.00 come get it.

    I have a 90 Yamaha Radian that needs a new home. The bike isn't showroom perfect, but for someone that needs to learn how to ride, and can turn a wrench it is perfect. Background...I bought the bike over the winter to learn how to ride. The bike was purchased from a repo company, so the title stats non-actual mileage. Any repo in the state of Ohio must have this due to the fact there is no way to verify the mileage. I have title in hand. The bike sat in someones garage for at least a year. Yes it runs, and drives, but the carbs need tuned. I would just clean them and put them back on, but they could use new gaskets as well. As the bike sits right now, the carbs, tank, front fender, and rear fairing are all off the bike, it would take me all of ten minutes to put them back on. If the buyer wants the bike back together that will be done, if they want it apart, that is fine too. I purchased new plastics for the bike, they need paint, or leave as is. The tank (tank has a quarter size dent, that can be pulled) was spray painted before I got it, so I had it blasted to bare metal, so it needs paint as well. I have been very honest about all the details on this bike, if I think of anything else I will let you know.

    Quick notes:
    90 Radian YX600
    needs a little paint, and a little carb work/tune
    16252 miles
    new battery (0 miles)
    new air filter (in box)
    oil just changed (0 miles)
    comes with 3 new oil filters
    comes with a bunch of spare parts (plastic's, bars, controls, cables, seat)

    bike comes with enough spare parts to sell on ebay to make enough money to paint and tune carbs.

    thanks in advance,