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FS – Bushmaster AR-15 ORC .223/5.56 – East Texas

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Sold to foley - Smooth transaction!
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Pleasure Doing business with you Clayton,

Anyone else looking to buy from this gentleman, I'd recommend, he was punctual on arrival at our specified meeting place, the gun was in as good as or better than advertised condition with all advertised accessories.

I'd be quicker to abandon the email and pick up a phone in the future, but I understand some people just don't like telephones.

It was a smooth transaction and I appreciate your kind comments. It was a shame to let that one go-- as you noted it was barely broken in. I am glad the AR's in a good home. That concludes my foray into AR's.

I wish I could have driven further for you Mike, but my schedule was very flaky the few days leading up to our meet!
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