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Discussion in 'Sights, Optics and Lasers' started by RottnJP, Sep 26, 2010.

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    Well, I'm beside myself trying to find what I want, and I'm curious if it's technically challenging for some reason I'm not aware of, or I'm just a wierd niche customer. So, I'm really hoping that we'll here from Marshall and some of the other lurking experts here...

    What I'm looking for is a scope with low variable power, a nice illuminated reticle, and intermediate/forgiving eye relief (10"-14" or so.)

    I can fine plenty of scopes with two of those three, but *nothing* with all three!

    Lots of handgun scopes would fit the bill for eye relief: There are a fair number of 2-7x or 2-8x pistol scopes with plenty of eye relief & decent optics. I'm looking here at Nikon as the value leader, although Burris, Leupold, and others make them. But not a one has an illuminated reticle. The closest I've come is one Burris with a single 1MOA dot in the center, which is o.k., but isn't exactly attention-grabbing. More importantly, it costs $80 more, and rules out the internal locking mechanisim option that is recommended for a Burris handgun scope on a powerful cartridge.

    Now, in the 1-4x range, which isn't too bad, there are *tons* of nice illuminated optics in whatever price range you want. But I haven't found a single one with more than 3.5" or 4" of eye relief... They are clearly AR focused.

    So what gives here? I would think that a LER illuminated scope in the power range I'm talking about would be very handy both for pistol hunters and in high-power scout applications... Why nothing like this on the market?