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I wanted to get XS big dot sights for my Glocks, but they’re expensive.
$120 for one set.
After doing some research, I decided to just keep my Glock U shaped rear sights and purchase Ameriglo/Trijicon front night sights at $33 each. (“cheaper than dirt” TX)
I like the idea of the XS big dot combat sight since my firearms are intended for Home defense… (Close range) So now I have the “glowing green ball in a cup” set up instead of the “dot the I” set up and was able to fit all four Glocks for the price of fitting just one with XS big dots.
(again, this was purely a financial decision, I'm sure the XS sights are awesome)

After reading as much as I could find on Loctite for this…
Whether to use Blue temporary or Red permanent, I saw many posts from users saying that Blue can come off so use Red.
That’s what I did, figuring that I will only want to pull off the sights when the glow dies in 10+ years, and at that point, I can drill though the bottom screw and pop them off.

Just back from the range and I loved the new front sights!
At first they didn’t look as big as the factory Glock dots, but this was not a problem.
Very pleased with the results and thought I’d share the experience for anyone going through the same decision process.

(Also, the Ameriglo front sight does come with the tool to install)

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You can find XS BD for cheaper than that if you look around. I got mine here locally at a show for $100 installed.


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The benefit of the XS rear sight is that the "I" also glows in the dark. I don't think that is a problem though. The only issue I would have is if you kept the stock plastic rear sight. I would change that to a steel sight. Also pretty cheap.
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