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I dig the combat Tupperware.

G19.3 transitional model two pin
G19.5 MOS
G23.5 MOS

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bene vivere
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Welcome to GlockTalk from the high mountains of Northern New Mexico! You have a sweet collection of Glocks! Which is your favorite?
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Thanks for sharing that pic and, might I add, very nice collection you have there!
You've got the bases covered - Nightstand/Range, CC medium and CC compact - even deep CC.

Not to invoke the old "Great minds think alike" line but my quiver includes a 19.5, a 21 but not a 23, a 30SF, a 27 (with three barrels: .40, .357 Sig and 9mm) and lastly a 43. A 48 is inbound. OK, maybe great minds do think alike.

Lastly, despite my love affair with the SA XDS .45 (Gen 1), it's not the most pleasant pistol to spend a 100 rounds with - hence my ever wandering eye looking at a G36.
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