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    ...just happened to notice this story wasn't put up here

    Officer Michael McLaughlin
    Sept. 21, 1961 - Jan. 10, 2010​
    The Foster City Police Department mourns the loss of Officer Michael McLaughlin, a 21-year veteran of the force. Officer McLaughlin passed away unexpectedly at his home on January 10, 2010.​
    Officer McLaughlin joined the Foster City Police Department in 1989 after serving five years in the United States Army. He graduated as the “Top Student” from the San Francisco Police Department Academy in May, 1989.​
    During his career, Mike received numerous commendations and accolades from the public. These recognized a wide variety of accomplishments including his abilities at detecting those driving under the influence, capturing many suspects for a wide variety of serious criminal violations, and many for his accomplishments with his various canine partners. In April 2006, Mike was credited with saving the life of a 25 year-old man by administering CPR. In March 2008, he was one of three officers who rescued an intoxicated driver who had driven her car into the Foster City lagoon. This life saving action was recognized in 2009 by the Peninsula Council of Lions Clubs, when Officer McLaughlin received their Heroism Award. Mike was a very knowledgeable police officer with outstanding investigative skills and keen sense for detecting criminal activity.​
    Officer McLaughlin served the citizens of Foster City as a canine officer for 16 years, starting in 1993. He had five different service dogs during that time. He competed locally and internationally with his canine partners. Mike regularly took high honors during annual canine trials held in the local area. He was well respected and well known throughout the State for his experience and expertise with police service dogs, having trained and worked with police canine handler teams from around northern California. Mike was well known locally for his community presentations with his various service dogs. He taught at the Citizens Police Academy and participated in canine demonstrations at Foster City community events, schools, youth groups and was a regular invitee to public canine presentations in several other local communities. Mike’s service to the City of Foster City and the Bay Area canine community will be greatly missed.​
    Mike is survived by his wife Kathy, sons Mike Jr. and Chris, and daughter Kim. The Foster City Police Officers’ Association has established the McLaughlin Family Trust at Merrill Lynch. Donations can be made by contacting Percy at 925-945-4882.​
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