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From Biden's website, a plan for Gun Safety to end Gun Violence

  1. Typical Democrat insanity. How can anybody on this board look at that site and still vote for a Democrat? Yet, we have several "gun owners" on this board who will do just that.

    The "hate crime" provision barring anybody convicted of a misdemeanor involving "hate" or "bias" is new.
  2. Same ol. Same ol. Taking on the NRA. Guess he’s “Taking On” me. Being an NRA Firearms Safety Instructor.

    “Let’s Get Ready To Rumble” - you un-American jackass.
  3. So eventually you will not be able to buy or sell older non-smart guns, unless there is a way to retrofit them
  4. I clicked the link and the first thing which popped up was a full page request to donate money to Biden's campaign.

    The only thIng you need to know about Biden.
  5. WTF does this even mean?

    • Close the “fugitive from justice” loophole created by the Trump Administration. Because of actions by the Trump Administration, records of almost 500,000 fugitives from justice who are prohibited from purchasing firearms were deleted from the background check system. The Biden Administration will restore these records, and enact legislation to make clear that people facing arrest warrants are prohibited from purchasing or possessing firearms.
  6. They blame everything on Trump. They’ll start baking Trump for the crappy Obama economy during his presidency.
  7. Cornpop is just being Cornpop, he has no idea what his own website even says. Actblue makes the rules and sets directives. Just ask Antifa and BLM..............
  8. Then goes on to list nonsensical policies that have nothing to do with gun safety. About what I'd expect from him.
  9. So if there is an arrest warrant out for me because I'm just not paying my traffic tickets then I can't own a firearm? And what if my case takes three years to get to court?

    It's really unfortunate that the Democrat party has become so anti-gun. I guess it just goes hand-in-hand with socialism.
  10. Michael Bloomberg has the answer to "the epidemic of gun violence" prohibit PoC from owning firearms. Racist ain't it?
  11. You must disarm the population in order to establish a social dictatorship.
  12. Well, nobody can accuse Biden of soft peddling this issue. It's the most sweeping, radical gun control agenda ever put forth by a major candidate.
    It is, of course, absurd and rabidly anti-American and anti-Constitution. The fact that he can even display this garbage on their web site shows how far removed from original intent American society has drifted. Any true American should look at this laundry list of irrational, oppressive crap and immediately dismiss this candidate as someone who has absolutely no respect for the Constitution or the American people he's supposed to serve.
  13. Lower sentences for felons with guns and other violent criminals. Legislation to make law abiding citizens criminals because of the types of firearms they own. That is what I observe in the real world.

    How many times do we hear a story where a violent crime is committed and the suspect should have been in jail but was released early. Happens every day.
  14. I ain't voting for Sleepy Joe because the democrats hate people like me! I'm an educated, law abiding citizen, gainfully employed, I don't rely on government handouts, I don't riot or burn down my town, but I'm also a gun owner. The democrat plan clearly is to punish people like me. After they tax any ARs and high capacity magazines (that I may or may not own), they are also trying to pass House Bill 5717 adding a 30% tax on the purchase of guns and 50% tax on the purchase of ammo.

    I mentioned these to my liberal son and he said 'yeah, but they probably couldn't pass these bills.' Well, I'd rather not give them a chance than to vote them in hoping they won't pass them.

  15. I don't see one thing wrong with it. I see everything wrong with it. No one want's to address the fact that most "Gun Violence" is inner city Black on Black shootings. That would be racist. They would like you to think that shooting start's because you don't like the way your neighbor cut's his grass.
  16. I should not post stuff like this on the internet.
  17. Oh and police, if you want to keep our support you must refuse these laws also. You must completely refuse to arrest anyone for these traitorous laws. Law enforcement must take a stand like they did in Virginia with 2nd amendment sanctuary zones etc.

    I don’t know about anyone else on here but this is my line in the sand.
  18. ****. Got me riled up this afternoon.
  19. This.

    They will eventually completely disarm the entire population unless they are stopped.

    The individual incremental steps they take while achieving that goal are almost irrelevant once you realize their ultimate goal.

    • Complete monopoly on the use of force by government.
    • Government agencies that use force to enforce the will of the elite.
    • A completely disarmed and compliant population that has no recourse against government dictates.
    We’ve seen it over and over in countries around the world. This is the hell you are inviting by Voting Biden, not voting, or voting anybody but Trump.
  20. don't vote for those who want to control you and put you in an oven. simple as that.
  21. Re-elect President Trump and that BS all goes away.
  22. 10,000+ homicides a year, 7,000 are black on black.

    Apparently, those lives only matter to the feds, “Operation Legend.”

    I know! Good thing I have extra blood pressure meds.

    Or approve of executing the unborn.
  23. I watched the movie Child 44 last night, a very chilling movie and that was a perfect example of what you have listed.

  24. Just how brain dead does someone have to be to believe a screwball like Biden should be President?

    Oh, that's right. Brain dead enough to have voted for the Clintons and Obama.