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    after poland fell to nazis, many determined young men escaped and became freedom fighters. one such young man joined the royal air force and fought bravely in the battle of britain. he continued in aviation after the war, and after many years, decided retirement was in order. the airline he worked for threw a beautiful retirement party, and hired professional masters of ceremony. at he party one of the young MCs, having done his homework, called the retiree up and asked to recount one of his more harrowing experiences. "well," he says, "there we were, up over the channel and i had fokkers to the right of me, and i had fokkers left of me-----" the MC, slightly embarrassed, broke in and explained the foller was an aircraft of german manufacture, "isn't that right, sir," the old pole said that might be, "but," he said, "them fokkers was flying messerschmitts."