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FREE PIZZA! One Night Only!

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FREE Pizza! That's right, FREE. To the first 20 people who show up for the Raleigh Area Open Carry meeting tomorrow night.

CiCi's Pizza
683-F Cary Towne Blvd
Cary, NC 27511


7:00 pm, Saturday, July 11th, 2009


Open Carry Dinner.
Some of the people from the NC State chapter of Students for Concealed Carry on Campus will be there.
One or more of the owners of Gunner's Alley will be there.

Open Carry, Concealed Carry, or no carry at all; come down and enjoy some pizza.
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We had 15 adults and one child at the meeting tonight.
We gave away a gift certificate to Gunner's Alley, that was graciously donated by the owners.

There were a few odd looks and questions, but overall it was a great event. We even had a nice older couple ask a few questions that turned into a 30 minute conversation.
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