Free IPSC 101 class in Brighton

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    IPSC 101
    If you've ever thought you might like to try shooting an IPSC match, but felt Intimidated by:
    • Lack of experience in formal competition
    • Lack of confidence in your marksmanship skills or your gun handling ability
    • Fear of embarrassing yourself;
    • Fear of the unknown;
    • Or ladies – too many men/not enough women shooters

    Fear no more, this is the clinic for you!

    On Saturday April 21,2007 we are having an “Introduction to IPSC” shooting clinic. The clinic will be held at the Livingston Gun Club range located at 2440 Hunter Rd, Brighton, MI.

    The clinic is going to be geared for both the beginner shooter who has at least the knowledge of basic pistol skills and those with experience in other shooting disciplines (IDPA, NRA Bulls eye, PPC, etc.) that have an interest in trying our exciting sport.
    IDPA CDP Shooters – Bring out your 1911 and take advantage of our new “Single Stack” division

    The class will cover:
    *Range Safety and Procedures
    *Divisions & Classification System
    *Courses of Fire

    At the end of the classroom instruction we will go down to the ranges and shoot a couple of stages typical of an IPSC match

    What to bring:

    Eye and ear protection (Mandatory on LGC ranges)
    Handgun: Semi-Automatic or Revolver (minimum 9mm caliber)
    At least 2 magazines (3 - 4 would be better) or speed loaders/moon clips for revolver to provide at least 24 rds.
    At least 50 rounds of ammo, 75 would be great. Holster and magazine or speed loader holders (Not mandatory, but if you have ‘em, bring ‘em)
    Notebook and writing utensil

    Starting time is 10:00 AM and the class should take about 4 hours. No food will be served but pop and snacks are available.

    For a map to our facility and a schedule of our matches, check our web site at:
    Directions To the range

    For more information contact:
    Jim Hackenberg (248) 473-3973 or E-mail [email protected]

    Also, for those who take the class on Saturday are invited attend the special classifier match on Sunday at a reduced rate. :thumbsup:

    ~John Baier