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Free at last. Free at Last.

  1. #1 Son got an apartment! I’m free at last.

    My daughter graduated college and got her own place years ago.

    #2 Son is in school, married and lives on campus in married housing.

    #1 Son lived in the Philippines a couple years and has lived in campus dorms but came back home to do his masters degree. He graduated in May, got his dream job in June but was working from home.

    We just dropped him and his stuff off at his new apartment in Carlsbad California.

    After 33 years my wife and I are on our own again! This is going to be fun.
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  3. Wise move,the wife and i did not do that and two family members have recently moved back in. Hoping it’s not long term.
  4. Wise move,the wife and i did not do that and two family members have recently moved back in. Hoping it’s not long term.
  5. Time for a man cave. And an empty nest sports/muscle car.

    Congrats on your new freedom.
  6. My son had a bedroom and an office. His room becomes a guest bedroom and a nice place to put a couple pieces of antique furniture my daughter owns.

    My wife gets the office back so she doesn’t need to share my office anymore.

    #2 sons room becomes a sewing room for my wife.

    And I get to reorganize the rest of the house the way I want with no worries about what the kids need. A lot of stuff is getting thrown out.
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    Did that 20 years ago. I have the basement. It has a darkroom, photo studio and a large office divided by a curtain I can pull back to get better heat in both sides when needed. The larger side is a formal working office I have been sharing with my wife. The smaller side is my private office/man cave/music room. It’s a big house.
  8. Gotta have a Naked Room, like in "Failure to Launch" movie. You ain't truly free until you're able to do the Naked in your own home anytime during the day.
  9. Attaboy, OP. It's been about 12-14 years of empty nest for me. Never did buy my dream vehicle, which is just as well, because it changes so often I'm thinking it might become like my gun swapping. :-( My practical side leans toward a used F150 with 4WD and a topper, my wild side says "buy that 63 Dodge panel wagon and trick it out to the max!"

    By the way, is that your Porsche? If so, then maybe you already got it right.
  10. Change the locks.
  11. Yes. 1993 911-964 Series P. Only 520 made. Very last run of upright headlights. That is on the salt at Bonneville.
  12. Very nice Porsche.
  13. Very cool. Are you still shooting and developing 35mm film? B&W and color?
  14. Extra bedrooms you say???
    I’m just going to leave this right here.
  15. 35mm to 8X10.


    Mostly B&W. Color film and printing goes to a lab. I occasionally do a little color work for a company that needs negative or slides for documentation because they can’t be altered. Most of my color is digital.

    I just love the process in the darkroom. Like some people still paint. It’s not just about the image, it’s also about how I make it.
  16. Great picture. Great news too.

    My son bought his home in July and still hasnt come to clean out his room, part of the garage, basement or move a Wrangled with a dead transmission.
    Its hunting season now. Good luck with that huh?