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    (These are the words of a local TV station's President and General Manager, in his segment called "Point of View". The link w/ video is below, but I know some folks can't always see the videos and wanted to get the text here for you)


    Last week Chief Randy Lacy was killed—shot from the back seat of his cruiser.

    Two more officers were shot this week. Deputy Frank Denzinger died hours after being shot on Monday and Deputy Joel White was hospitalized in critical condition.

    This goes to show us once again how important their job is for all of us. There are plenty of just plain nasty people out there. Lots of sick and deranged people too. When one of these psychopaths rears their ugly head, we need people who will rush to our defense, who will fight their human instincts and go toward the danger. I am grateful for people like that.

    Many times I am accused of automatically siding with the police when someone accuses them of wrongdoing, or of using excessive force. My position is this: the police get the benefit of the doubt from me unless it can be clearly shown that they acted inappropriately. And it almost always turns out that an individual was shot or hurt because of their own actions, not because the police over reacted.

    At a time of tragedy like this, I would ask you to show your support for the police. Don’t wait for another horrible event to let them know you appreciate their willingness to rush toward danger to get you out of it.

    I’m Bill Lamb, and that’s my point of view.