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Fox News pulls a CNN

  1. Bret Baier just cut into the Trump press briefing and is now talking about Kamala and showing the highlights of her speech today. He said go to the website if you want to watch the briefing.

    Just a big WTF?
  2. You guys ain’t seen nothing yet...
  3. Fox News: Hold my beer.
  4. Folks, the circus is IN TOWN.........:juggle:
  5. I've got to where I only watch The Five. Even with Juan Williams and/or Donna Brazile so annoying.
    Why the hell did FOX hire Bazile? The woman gave Hillary debate questions and is a big time Lib.
  6. FOX joined the leftist supporters two years ago and only has a couple of programs that are even close to "fair and balanced," and none of those are actually the news broadcasts.
  7. The puss grab tape
    The Russian hoax
    Mueller for 2 years
    Covid unleashed by china on purpose
    Mail in voting

    Someone big is really scared
  8. If you start the timeline with a strange Biden tweet back in October about the Trump admin not prepared for a pandemic. Then a couple months later one hits and everything since has played into the hands of Biden and the Democrats for the election. I should make a thread and list the things done on a timeline. When it's all laid out, you start to say to yourself, "there's no ****ing way this is all a coincidence".
  9. I didn't watch The Five today because I didn't want to see Biden and Harris in DE.
  10. Well, President Trump was droning on for an eternity saying the same thing 12 different times.

    No one appeared to bother to or be able to ask him questions about whether businesses would even stop payroll tax withholding considering that if Biden wins they would be on the hook for a massive payment in 2021 for what they owe from 2020. Of course workers will be on the hook too, even if they no longer have a job. And who is going to be accounting for all this stuff to know who owes what?

    They don’t seem to question him when he says he is giving another unemployment bailout of $400 when it is actually $300 with the states pitching in the extra $100 on top of whatever their current state unemployment pays.

    Since he wants to make up Social Security and Medicare funding from the General Fund instead of payroll taxes, and he wants another tax reduction, what is this going to do to the already obscene deficit? No one asks.

    There used to be a difference between press conferences and campaign speeches- now not so much. And this same stuff is going to be going on between Trump and Biden for the next almost 3 months. I wish they would just get on with the debates, make them real debates, then let people register, show up at the polls with valid ID, vote and get it over with.
  11. [​IMG]
  12. The media is not a leader in the direction our country is going. It’s a reflection.
  13. And all the democrats here told us to come to China Town and enjoy the lunar new year festivities, especially he restaurants. They actually set up a podium with all of the dem/commies each taking their turn chastising us for staying away.

    Cuomo and de Blasio both said don't worry, go to a movie or take in a game.

    Fauci said don't wear a mask, it's not necessary to restrict the border.

    Cruise ships, airports, border crossings, illegals smuggled, each transporting the virus bomb to the US. A complete and total disaster. Meanwhile Beijing and Shanghai are covid free.
  14. Second time I've seen them cut off a live speech from the POTUS... to go on to some inane inconsequential coverage.

    Years ago, it didn't matter what party affiliation you had... you don't cut off live coverage of a speech from the POTUS unless there is airplane down, or some sort of other natural disaster. Not classy.

    I've got my doubts about Brett B. too. o_O

  15. China. And all of the american politicians they have owned for years.
  16. When Ailes died and his kids took over, Fox has been going more and more left over time. Tucker and Hannity give great ratings, but if they jump ship, I won't have much of a reason to watch Fox anymore.

    I turned it to the Golf Channel during the Biden/Harris press conference, couldn't take more than a couple of minutes and didn't want to even give Fox the ratings.

  17. Gotta have someone from the other side to argue with. Ol cotton top is spicy and makes no qualms that she knows how to play dirty. There's a lot of others there that I dislike more... like smirking Marie Harff. Looks like she always just ate a bird or something.
  18. I see nothing wrong with showing us conservatives what we're up against.
  19. They go after Juan a bit but not Brazile.

    Marie Harif and worse Maryann Marsh.
  20. Ailes worked for FOX, Murdoch owns the company that owns FOX. Murdoch has two sons.
  21. Oops, you're right. Maybe I read that Murdoch's son (James, and his environment zealot wife) were having more influence. My bad.
  22. I have no doubts about Brett. He’s turned into a democrat window licker about two years ago. Pres Trump doesn’t think to much about him either.
  23. She's still better than Juan.
  24. Ailes kids didn’t take over. It’s the Murdoch boys who run the company now.
  25. Too bad Trump hasn't been giving many briefings these last few months.
  26. James resigned in July.
  27. Several of is opined months ago that Fox News would turn on Trump dramatically.

    Fox & Friends, Tucker, Hannity & Ingrahm are the ones to watch. I expect the curvy couch to start tilting left now that Kamala is on the ticket. Even look for Steve or Brian to say nice things about her, how she was tough on crime as a prosecutor. Then look to the whole cast to start criticizing Trump's COVID response, following Kamala's lead from today.

    The question is, what do they do about Tucker & Hannity & Ingrahm? They have a huge viewership. If they axe one or more of them, you know they have gone over to the Dark Side and are trying to insulate themselves from the conservative media purge that will surely be quickly undertaken under a Biden administration.

    We should know by the end of August. I think we thought it would be sooner. But with Biden just announcing the DNC's pick yesterday, they have had to wait.
  28. With the ratings they are pulling I doubt Tucker, Hannity or Ingraham are going anywhere, at least not this year. I read that even though Tucker lost all his major sponsors he is still pulling in a bunch of money for Fox News because of the high ratings and the fees Fox gets from cable carriers based on ratings. I don’t think Fox News is generating the kind of cash as when Ailes was at his best, but still a lot.
  29. Don’t count on it.

    Half of A&E’s audience was for Live PD related shows. They canceled them anyway. Now they’ve realized how big a screw up that was.

    Media companies have to go broke after they get woke before they realize they ****ed up. They seem incapable of learning from the experience of others. We see it over and over again.

    Fox News will be no different. That’s why I’ve pretty much stopped watching them.
  30. Before the Fox News prime time line-up, I'm FAR more likely to have the TV tuned to either OAN or Newsmax... :)

  31. [​IMG]
  32. That's a dude.
  33. Tucker's is the only show worth watching most days. Every other show is either establishment Bush/Clinton leaning, sponsored content, or shiny object that's not news.
  34. No one can predict the future as far as TV talking heads are concerned. I gave my guess. But I don’t understand your logic, assuming you are a Trump supporter. The four most staunch Trump supporters on the evening talk shows are Tucker (although he does occasionally disagree with Trump), Hannity, Ingraham and Levin Life, Liberty and Levin). But you stopped watching them because you think maybe they might be replaced sometime in the future?
  35. Laura Ingraham is very solid as well. Worth watching.
  36. Looks like some lefty I could run in to literally in the Whole Foods parking lot cause she can’t look up from her phone to see where she is going.

  37. I disagree. DB is a DB
  38. OAN!
  39. I don’t watch much of the programs she is on. But seriously, she looks fine after she gets out of the make-up chair. A bubble headed left wing idiot, yes, but not bad looking.
  40. I have never seen them. They do not have much of a cable distribution. I see from their web site they are begging people to demand their cable system carry them.
  41. Because she is a big time lib. That's the show's format.
  42. if Fox dumps on the Tucker, Hannity & Ingram, i hope One America News grabs them. other than that, i spend a lot of time on Fox Business, some good people there....
  43. No I just stopped watching because I found some alternative sources that I like better. Also, since I cut the cord I have to put in some effort to watch them, which means I don’t usually. Lol.

    I catch some of their clips streaming from time to time. But honestly, I feel like their message is not getting out beyond the same audience they’ve had for 20 years.

    Lately I’ve really started to like Tim Pool. Started out as a leftist “Occupy Wall street” guy. Since then has morphed into a Trump supporter that puts out really scathing and insightful shredding of leftist hypocrisy. It’s a fun watch.

    Tucker does the same, of course, but just felt like it was getting a little stale. So just changing things up.
  44. I quit years ago when I realized, the news truly is, just another show. Whatever sells.
  45. Tucker is the only reason to watch fox nowadays.

    Hannity and Ingraham are ok...
  46. Actually all of the fox folks are conservative except for Wallace and Neil Cavuto.

    They got rid of Shep and Meagain. Brett and John Roberts are news reporter bulldogs, not intentionally left.
  47. Baier, Caputo and especially Chris Wallace are all Trump haters. Tucker, Hannity, Gutfeld, Watters are the only ones worth watching. Geraldo has gotten a bit better but he's as slippery as an eel.