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"Four or more wheels and a motor gets you in.." Well I have that.. sort of

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Now here's a revelation for a motor thread. I haven't driven a vehicle for nigh on 40 years. I just got plain old bored with it all. The traffic, other drivers, the cost.. and I was developing road rage before it became a recognised concept..!!

Now, however, due to a smoker's lifestyle and the fact that the nasty, noxious 'baccy' weed has robbed me of my mobility. I have to find an alternative. February 14th 2020 was a turning point for me. I saw a consultant at my local hospital and he informed me that, following the extensive tests they had done, either I quit smoking or, within a year, he'd be taking one, or even both, my legs off..!!

That came as quite a shock as you might imagine. Well my wife and I had planned to do some grocery shopping and, once done, I called in a a Vape shop and got kitted out with all I needed. And I haven't had a cigarette since..

So how does that relate to motors etc. Well it was decided that I needed a mobility scooter but I didn't want one that made me look like Grandpa. So I got this....




British made, it will cover 45 miles on a full charge, it is road legal with three speeds - 4-8-15 mph, it is off-road capable and will handle 30 degree inclines. Full all round suspension, lights, turn indicators and hazzards. Those tyres are pneumatic but I have another set of wheels with solid tyres. It's incredibly stable and great to ride.

Check this out..

This scooter has given me a new lease of life.. time to consider customising it.. :D (y)
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Did I read that right? That that you haven't driven vehicle for 40 years?
Yep.. 40 years and counting. Get this.. I had a Land Rover Defender (LWB) they are not frugal when it comes to gas.. and I was driving half a mile there and back.. to get a newspaper. Under the skin it was a peach. Ran as sweet as a nut. On the surface it looked like it had just come out of a crusher. Intentionally. But I was getting too lazy and it was costing a fortune to run - and there was nothing else on the road that I fancied owning, or driving. I was a 'Landy Man' then and I'm still a 'Landy Man'. I can get to wherever I need to go to with just a little thought and planning.. and, as a person of retired status, local bus transport is free. My wife, on the other hand, love driving. She'd drive around the block just to park on the other side of the road..!! So it suits me fine to be a passenger 'coz she's a damn fine driver.
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