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Forward Surgical Teams

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I am a prior service enlisted Combat Medic. I have been working on my Bachelor's Degree and my time to apply to medical school is looming in the not too distant future. I am not particularly interested in doing the HPSP program, but I am interested in signing on to a Forward Surgical Team (preferably in the Reserve Component) in the future. I spent the first 3 months of my deployment to Afghanistan attached to one, and it has been a hard set goal ever since.

I'm fairly set on the path of becoming a General Surgeon with a fellowship in Critical Care/Trauma.

Does anyone have any experience with this route? How does one even apply to an FST as a physician? Does one have to commission first, then hope to land in said unit, or can you contract directly into it?

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Welcome from Washington state. As an Infantryman and Ranger there is a Special place in my heart for Combat Medics. My youngest son is an 18D. He spent most of his time up here at Ft Lewis with the 1st Special Forces Group. He's now stationed down at Bragg teaching the Special Operations Medic Course. What part of the country do you hail from?
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