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Fort Collins, CO, citizens taking care of antifa protesters.

  1. "Everybody keep their hands off their weapons."

    "Commie drawing a knife. Commie drawing a knife."

    "Oh, Commies go home. Bye bye. Bye bye."

    My kind of people.
  2. Note to ANTIFA losers: Don't want none? Don't start none!
  3. That is what it is going to take to get rid of these low life scumbags. Kudos to those people defending their neighborhood.
  4. Portland is in day 71 of their riots and residents are afraid to even go to the grocery.

    Meanwhile, Portland is seeing a rapid exodus of their police force with officers taking retirement/early retirement.
  5. Can we just nuke it from orbit?
  6. Bring zip-tie cuffs, hands and feet, let them lay there.
  7. LOL Awesome !
  8. I live in Fort Collins, and this happened right here in my backyard but I had to find out about it here on GlockTalk.

    O well, at least I stayed out of trouble. Same thing happened about 6-7 years ago when the
    Westboro Baptist Maggots came to town. Wasn't too hard to find where they had stashed their vans on a street in the neighborhood and then escort them out of town. They havent been back.
  9. You'd think their vehicles would have mysteriously developed a wide assortment of malfunctions while they were prancing about the neighborhood. The cherry on top of the whole video would have been them calling the cops and having their junk towed away.
  10. It's the only way to be sure.

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  11. That looked like a video of beluga whales having an orgy

    But seriously, what did the "antifa"s actually do? What crimes did these people commit before they were physically attacked.
  12. Spewing "Hate Speech"?? or is the Left incapable of that?
  13. The story said that they assaulted the vet in the wheelchair. And I think that was one of the charges that they were arrested on.
  14. University town with a far left mayor and city officials? That's where most of these folks feel safe to do this.
  15. They breathed.
  16. who cares? well I suppose you do, but I do not! Terrorists show up, they get their asses kicked
  17. If who is or is not defined as a terrorist, and therefore allowed to be beaten up is decided by the size relative sizes of the two mobs, well that's common thuggery not civilization..
    Either you believe in free speech or you don't
  18. Free speech only goes as far as when other people are injured. When an infringement upon the rights of other people happen, free speech does not apply.

    The important part is that the message of not in my backyard, city, state or country will this be tolerated by anyone.

    And this message is not only in Fort Collins, or Berthoud, or conneticuit, or missouri, I hope that it spreads wherever the message needs to be heard. Even if it does take a few overweight out of shape old guys to do it.

  19. We've seen their style of "free speech" and it's hasn't been peaceful. I see no reason to not be proactive in this sense.
  20. ahhhh, I see you are of the (commie) camp that: rioting, looting, beating up elderly people, murder and other terrorist activities fall under the "Free Speech" umbrella

    you would not be by chance "The Mayor" of Portland or Seattle are you
  21. it's not about free speech and it's not about "peaceful protesting". Antifa has a well documented history of violence, hatred, and intolerance. Are you simply blind to that fact, or is this another case of selective indignation?
  22. Yup. Your right to swing your fist ends at the tip of my nose.
  23. [​IMG]
  24. What crimes haven't they committed? Everything from assault to sedition.
  25. The people, in this video, are guilty of assault and sedation?can you point me to the appropriate arrest and court records?
  26. Are you blind that mobs don't get to decide who is or is not an "antifa" and therefore ok to be assaulted, just as mobs don't get to decide who is or is not a "white supremacist terrorist" and be likewise attacked?
    "It's not wrong when we do it" is about as selectively indignant as you can get..

    What I see there, is just more petty goonery... I'm not a goon.
  27. "General, can you point out the SS troops that shot at our soldiers?"
  28. What? Like this?

    In point of fact, the antifa scum attacked a gentleman in a wheel chair. That's what set it off. Then an antifa scum pulled a knife.

    Or is that still not enough for you?

    Your philosophy has been tried. And failed. Portland's leaders decided to allow antifa/blm "freedom of speech." They're now in day 73 of riots with no end in sight.

    Fort Collins did the right thing. Kudos to them.
  29. Why do you all bother to respond to that Communist? He says the same thing everywhere and you won't change his mind. Just let him talk to himself.


  30. Because he leans a little more towards liberty than the average GT'r and he doesn't try to rally troops like a new guy that hasn't felt out the room.

    You still haven't listened more than you've spoke.

    Still good advise.