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Former Intel Officer Says Obama Could Be First Former President With A Felony Indictment

  1. "soviet-dictator level wrongdoing".

    Yeah, that's Obama. I hope he does hard time for this. That would be amazing!
  2. "I hope he does hard time for this. That would be amazing!"...

    I would love to see comrade zero in prison but the smart thing to do is pressure him to turn on his minions(not the cute cartoon kind). Faced with a few years in prison he would squeal like a pig. I want to see the people who committed crimes for BHO and HRC go to jail. They are the ones who will be a threat in the future.
  3. Pretty sure I've got this figured out.
    If it's something we want to hear the source is onto something and completely trustworthy. We trust him and the media.
    If it's something we don't he is trying to remain relevant and being compensated by the biased liberal controlled media.
    I'm guessing for right now we trust this guy and the media. At least, as long as they're telling us what we want to hear.
  4. Not gonna happen. But you can dream about it all you wish.

    The President does have the power and obligation to defend this nation from enemies, foreign & domestic however he/she/it see fit.

    And/Or, one can tweet while doing intelligence gathering on those presently considered national enemies.

    A wise POTUS would more than likely do both. At least the latter (old school. live in the now)

    Well, as for wise and POTUS being together in a sentence... on one hand tweets are a bizarre thing to behold coming from a world leader. On the other hand, kinda lets you know in the bizarro world of today, what is going on... perhaps; MSM free of advertising/spun/edited/redacted/directional blathering.

    The GREAT and POWERFUL OZ... or a humbug behind the curtain?

    Who? Which one? Then? Now? The Next?

    Build the wall, bring jobs back and keep them here, get Drs doctoring again... figure out how to deal successfully with Congress, Iran and NK. Just keep doing things Presidential. Mid terms are coming up.

    You don't need to crush your enemies and hear their women lament ALL The Time, just let them know they're two blocked in and you've got digital proof you're sitting on... it's called leverage. Use it wisely because what comes around, goes around. Glass houses and such...

    Of course, Payback... It's a b.. it can be painful.
  5. This is fake news folks. Designed as a distraction.
    But, a distraction from what?
  6. It seems one of the big pieces of this is the request for a FISA warrant for the telephone tap. I am guessing that if he or someone went to court for a warrant than that was not illegal. Now if they went ahead and did a tap after being denied a warrant, that may well be illegal. But I am thinking there would have to be some solid evidence of same.

    And at least one or two on the other side are suggesting that if Trump released information about certain FISA information he could be impeached.

    I wonder how much of this on the two extreme ends is true and how much is something someone has written pandering to some who want it to be true.

    If Trump thought that anyone was illegally wiretapped, the very last thing he would do is publish it on some social media.

    All is not what it seems in this issue.
  8. Fake news SUSPICION is the offspring of Conspiracy Theorists.

    We can't help it, we're all infected. LOL
  9. The article says "he could imagine Obama doing this"......and then asks for people to post the article to Facebook. Seems legit.
  10. You're absolutely right. Pure speculation.
  11. That's what I thought of when Trump asked for someone to investigate his (seemingly) baseless claim of wiretapping. I do however think that Flynn was surveilled, and some of that happened while Flynn was in Trump Tower...meaning there is a FISA warrant for that action, or Flynn was designated an agent of a foreign government (paper trail), or...most likely...the NSA or DOJ authorized the surveillance without proper authority, which is kind of a big deal.

    You only need a warrant if you want to use the information in court right? You can leak it, spread rumors, and destroy someone's career without going to court or congress...and if HRC won none of it mattered anyway with regard to Flynn.

    I think Trump is smarter than he is being given credit for...he knows better than to publish details that would cause him legal trouble and is reminding those like D Sen Coons who went on the talk shows and talked about "transcripts" that would mean Trump Tower was wiretapped that words have meaning and actions have consequences. It was entertaining to say the least to watch Coons backtrack and change his story from "transcripts" to "I'm just saying that if there were transcripts that I haven't seen it would be nice to see them"...liar.
  12. If Trump used the IRS to go after liberal groups and wiretapped a journalist and his parents as Obama did, the liberal here would be calling Trump a fascist dictator
    that must be removed from office.

    But, since Obama was a progressive, they winked at his tyranny. This is why
    progressives are never to be believed or trusted. They are simply this
    age's brown shirts.
  13. Not going to happen.
  14. This brings up another question:

    Was it illegal, if the FISA judge signed off on a fishing expedition search warrant? How does one prosecute a rubber-stamping FISA judge? Would it be illegal if the Obama admin exceeded the scope of the search warrant?
  15. again, patience.
    if there is reality in the speculation, we will know soon enough.

    the good news is no Loretta Lynch or Eric Holder will get in the way!
  16. The left is confused and dazed over this. They try to spin it any way they can. They miss the point. Being proven what they are, reality being uncovered, and exposing the fraud of the left.

    After all the years of incessant cries about the seriousness of the charge, etc,etc.. Their bubble is being burst.
  17. This will not carry any weight. Obama has been passed up at every chance. He has more get out of jail cards in the deck. I believe he should be held accountable if the evidence is there
  18. The thing about Obama admin officials is that some will lie until put under oath, some will plea the fifth knowing that the media will not push for prosecuition, and
    some will lie under oath or to congress like Hillary Clinton, James Clapper, and
    Eric Holder.
  19. Obama butt-sniffers almost instantly made very specific denials in an extremely loud voice....


    Makes me suspicious.
  20. This is going to be about as effective as BirtherGate.
  21. Did not AG Sessions recuse himself from such "Campaign Issues with Russia" investigations as well as he too was "under the investigative gun" as it were and wished to avoid any future conflict of interest political fallout?
  22. I'm a reluctant Trump supporter but I gotta ask - is there ANY supporting evidence about this at all?
  23. just like Lynch and Holder did under similar circumstances, right?
    of course we all remember the "transparency" with the BHO people. the #1 thing we could all see was the corruption and the effort to make sure it could continue.
  24. I have read a few different places that the Obama White House asked for a FISA warrant to monitor at Trump Tower.

    But I have not seen any specific evidence of that and the way the FISA court works I am not sure there ever would be credible evidence. And if they did, the question is still there as to whether it was a legitimate inquiry into communication with a potential enemy or for political goals. Or maybe for both.
  25. Doesn't seem so but it doesn't seem to matter to those that want to believe. I think this past election has caused people to lose their minds. All I know for sure is I'm sick of hearing about Trump, Obama, HRC, fake news,snowflakes and the upcoming civil war. Life is to short to be obsessed with so much nonsense.
  26. Verbal Civil War that is not so civil at times in real life... witness Berkeley this past weekend.

    Sarajevo 1984 Olympics to '94 Civil War... who woulda thought it? (those that lived there and knew...)
  27. What happened at Berkeley involved two small groups of people that gets blown up to epic proportions. It's not the prelude to civil war. Stick man is not a hero. He's a nut job. Same goes for the other side too. I think the events at Berkeley should be dubbed "when morons collide".
  28. I am curious. If you are so sick of hearing the debate, why do you actively listen and participate? Do you think you will quell the conversation? The heat in the kitchen getting too hot and too close to the sedition that took place over the past 8 years?:crying::crying::crying::panties:

    Ok guys, that's it! we're shutting down the political forum!
  29. I didn't think I was that active. I just like pointing out the absurdity of it all sometimes. I do find the mindset displayed on the forum absolutely fascinating. It's like a bad car crash. You have to look. I'm just surprised how far off the deep end some have gone. Some folks on here probably have trouble sleeping at night they get so worked up. I won't lie and say I don't find the crazy folks entertaining. I even checked out the Democratic Underground a couple of times. I never heard of it before it was mentioned here. This is the only forum I visit that has any political content. I only checked it out a couple of times and it looked like they had more crazies over there. It's just not nearly as interesting because they don't talk about guns. The crazies here have a higher entertainment value. Guns + crazies = entertainment. Even though it can get sickening at times, look for me to toss my two cents in at random. Let's all have a great day and enjoy life in this great, stable country.
  30. People do really wear their politics on their sleeves don't they?

    And as much as I do admire President Trump for defeating the D candidate, the D love in this nation is so very strong in the Urban areas where socialism rules supreme; yet a President needs to have thick skin, as +/-40% of the populace will not appreciate anything he does.

    Call it Plantation politics for those affected or Santa Clause politics for the naive, while Trump, running as an R, is not what I'd label a Conservative per se, but a businessman used to getting things done his way now must deal with passive aggressive Rs as well as outright hatred for his "Fascism" by Ds, or so Berkeley and the MSM would have us believe. Needs us to believe.

    Berkeley might be two groups of idiots coming together, but what was Ferguson or B'More? Just one group mindset of lawless idiots agitated by outsiders?

    DU is far more fun to read than CU (Conservative Underground) for sure. Very emotional and chock full of members (some of whom, if not most have GOT TO BE TROLLING), where CU is like a small ghost town. Boring as watching the December grass grow in Denver.

    Berkeley's Stickman as a hero... to some Walter Mitty types, sure.
    Guns + Good hearted and intelligent Crazies... as opposed to real crazies with guns, former can be entertaining as all get out, the latter, sad and sickening to behold.

    But there really is more to life than the 2nd, even tho it is a litmus test of power and control to me. (how in the world can a bright man truly believe and say "Shall not be infringed" means, "Reasonable Restrictions apply?" i.e. No Compromise means compromise) It's settled case law now. We won. Whoopie

    Tyranny in any form needs to be recognized and stopped. One side plays by rules treating others as they wish to be treated for the most. The other side seems to go full goose bozo in half a nanosecond making up rules as they go. Or so it appears

    And yet who passed the PATRIOT Act? Whereby if you ask or divulge "secrets" you face tribunals, not a trial? Hence Obama Team can safely say, "We didn't do that and even if we did, it was for homeland security and if we were in power and you asked or divulged info, by LAW... Adios M/F".

    Fence sitting and observing this dry comedy we call life in wry amusement is all fine and well. Until the moment when you realize it is your ox about to get shafted as you sit watching the world go by... one man's sedition and demand for submission as the promised land is another's form of tyranny unto itself. Maybe.

    Black? White? 50 shades of Gray? Uh... sure. Those in power that make the laws, exempt from them all. Uh... sure. NO! wait.

    Are you entertained?
  31. Jan, 20. NY Times headline, front page, refers to wiretaps on Trump aids. Now they say no evidence.
    We know this has been going on because several phone conversations have been leaked. Obama didn't deny that it's happening. He only denied that he ordered it.
  32. I think "Colliding Morons" would be a good name for a rock band

  33. Just deport him.
  34. That is exactly what's going on here
  35. Meh. I'll take it seriously when Obama is in cuffs and an orange jumpsuit.
  36. It'll never happen, O'Bummer may be shtoopid, but he ain't dumb.

    He set out to control things, and set up folks like him to positions of power within the courts and the parties.....Make no mistake, HE and the DEmterds are still in total control.

    Hide and watch as we keep sliding down the slimy slue of socialism.

    We may delay, even possibly slow the process, but it's NOT stopping

    God, I really HATE to agree with Dems on much, but really in 8 years of one of if not the MOST disgraceful and anti-Constitution administrations ever known, the dumb-arse politicians HAD NO PLAN.

    Was Hillarity held accountable, even after she and all agreed she f-ed up and deliberately with held and hid evidence , WITH the full protection of the FBI ? Evedence all over the spectrum....yet no justice.
    Holder ? no. Lerner? no. O'Bumma ? no. Lynch ? no .

    IF the damned Repubes don't get and keep their collective heads out of their own arses, this will be a ONE TERM President. Then , look out ! USA will be changed forever to our detriment.

    The Gold - crapping Goose is the odor of the times , don't kill it.

    Neither party wants that bird to die, it lines their pockets, and their pals' pockets with endless cash.

    Both sides are absolutely clueless on how MOST of the population feels about issues, nor do they care as long as that Goose keeps crapping.

    God forbid, It will take an event, larger and more destructive than 9/11 to bring this great melting pot together to defeat a COMMON enemy.
    ( the 9/11 patriotism we saw was brief, and have since forgotten , IMO )

    Only then, as in the past, will we the People join up in arms and put all this media-fueled stink behind us....temporarily at best.

    We aren't there, yet, though it seems we should be. We are, indeed, more divided THAN EVER !

    So far.

    Time will tell how it shakes out,
  37. It'll never happen; but I would love for Obama to have two legacies.

    First black elected to the Presidency.

    First President of any race to be jailed for criminal activities while in office.
  38. They could take head banging to a new level!
  39. I don't know if prison would be good for obama, he would probably enjoy it with all the new boy friends he would meet.
  40. Operative word is "supportive." Answer: None. Yet. Maybe never.

    Times article? Since when can they be trusted?
  41. With those ears...he already has head handles.