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Ford's ex boyfriend drops a bomb

  1. I hope the left is doubting their one week "Win".
  2. Maybe the useful idiots will finally believe, but probably not. The rest of us already know she's a liar.
  3. Another anonymous source.
  4. He's not anonymous?
  5. Redacted city, “signed” redacted...
  6. Just because you don't know his name, doesn't make him anonymous.
  7. Seems more chickens are coming home to roost.

    Ford's ex boyfriend drops a bomb

    That seems to be of the multiple megaton variety.

  8. So she coached someone on taking a polygraph

    Flew frequently, including on propeller planes.

    Never mentioned Kavanaugh ever
  9. were gonna' need a bigger roost
  10. And she stole money from him.
  11. I am glad the left has decided that this is the hill they die on. It seems so fitting.
  12. Stealing is the Democrat way.
  13. Dr. Fraud can throw herself on the ground before the Committee and admit that she made this all up and was threatened by Democrat senators if she didn't come here and lie and beg for forgiveness for all the injustice she'd put Kavanaugh through, and it wouldn't change any of their votes. They'd say she was hacked by Russians.
  14. I know that. But can we get her to do that anyway???? On C-SPAN?
  15. I think the takeaway here is don't cheat on your partner if you think he will nail your butt to the wall 30 years later to a Senate Committee.


    Lying to Congress; I wonder what that is worth now a days?
  16. But, but....she's such a credible witness. There's that pesky word again. Credible. Since all the politicians and Trump are calling her testimony credible, I must assume the new definition of credible is full of ****.
  17. And the second door in her house was not for running away. It was a door she applied for and had inspected by the city. It was a door to a separate room made into an office or apartment.

    So let's see if Sessions has the guts to investigate her.
  18. Can someone go tape this letter to Flake, Collins and Murkowski's faces so they'll see it? I don't want more investigations. I want a vote.
  19. Sad thing, I could see this exactly happening.
  20. It was a sworn statement provided to the Senate Judiciary Committee. The Judiciary committee were the ones who redacted the name but the person in question is not anonymous and is known to the Senate Judiciary Committee.
  21. .[​IMG]

    The left, and the media (one in the same) have already moved away from Ford and the sex assault allegations, and are working the drinking and "temperament" angle.
  22. Let’s let this play out.

    The left’s case is falling apart.

    Crucify them (politically) for this.
  23. That would be good to know, instead of a screen shot of what looks like a Word document
  24. It is actually a cell phone pic of a screenshot of a word document.
  25. A coke
  26. Last I heard she had over $430k in a go fund me account. Maybe that’s what it’s worth.
  27. Dems need more time to study the letter
    And more time to investigate the X-boyfriend.

    They want to hold a hearing with him, then ask FBI to investigate his life.


    If this has been about the Truth, Kav would have been confirmed last week.

  28. This will bring it back to front & center.

    Just a hunch, but I'm gonna speculate here that Grassley & Co. have been in contact with this guy for some time, even though his sworn statement is dated today. Just look at Mitchell's questions on this topic - they're tailor-made to snag her. Love it.

    “Have you ever had discussions with anyone, beside your attorneys, on how to take a polygraph?” Mitchell asked.

    “Never,” Ford responded.

    “And I don’t just mean countermeasures,” Mitchell said, “but I mean just any sort of tips, or anything like that.”

    “No,” Ford said.

    “Have you ever given tips or advice to somebody who was looking to take a polygraph test?” Mitchell continued.

    “Never,” Ford replied again.


    Now, I could see asking the first question regardless. But digging deeper into whether she'd ever given tips or advice to somebody 'looking to take a polygraph?' That's just too perfect. Job well done.

  29. You haven’t heard the latest?! Frankenstein wants the FBI report to remain, get this, secret!! That’s right, she knows what’s coming and wants a tight lid put on it lol! Ain’t gonna happen.
  30. There is no chance this stays closed. None.
  31. Dems will want to hold a hearing on the moon. It will take time and training to get there, so they must delay a few years.
  32. If you play with matches; sometimes you get burned.
  33. Heading into midterms in November, the Republicans had little choice but to "be nice" to the poor woman. However, the FBI is under no such constraints, and is in need of reputation repair. Remember dumbocrats, you asked for this. Demanded it in fact.
  34. The FBI has the Obligation to examine and consider every shred of statements and Evidence and this should not be overlooked,
  35. And their slave cult subjects would believe it.
  36. Has the former boyfriend's letter been reported by Fox tonight? I'd think Hannity would be all over this bombshell.

    It would be so sweet if Grabbrass speculates correctly that Repubs had Ford's lie detector coaching information before she testified. If so, she took the bait like a hungry rat.
  37. I believe Ingraham mentioned it. The letter started making the rounds in the middle of Hannity, so too late for him to mention it really. I'm sure it will be talked about tomorrow.
  38. The sad thing about this whole matter is that the useful idiots could not care less about the facts or the truth.
  39. :hay:
  40. Hmmmmmm..... sounds like an Apple Fanperson Afficiando. iPoo'd.
  41. OM, I love your guy in your avatar!!

    +1000!...... going, going, goooooooooooone!

    Best post........." sic em!"
  42. Thanks DM, nice pooch in yours too.

    Once again, I think our President was 3 steps ahead, and got the dumbocrats to raise the pot that they will ultimately lose.
  43. This may change their attitude a bit. If the boyfriend is credible, and if Ford lied about helping someone prepare for a lie detector test, her entire testimony becomes tainted. She could also be charged for lying under oath. It will almost seem worth the pain of this process to see Blumenthal, Booker, Whitehouse, Hirono and the others silenced when their primary accuser is discredited.
  44. Hope they make an example out of them for lying under oath!

    Icing on the cake...they need to uncover a money trail for the motive!
  45. Judging by how often it's done, and the consequences, I'd say it's not worth very much.

    We need a new AG.