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For TRADE : MRE and MRE Accessories (2006 EXP DATE)

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by glock281, Sep 8, 2003.

  1. glock281


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    Feb 20, 2003
    I have the following items for trade.
    I am looking for :
    Glock 23 Magazines (LEO or Post Ban OK)
    AR15 Magazines (Perfer 20rd) Or AR15 Accessories
    AK47 Magazines Or AK47 Accessories

    I am also open to to other gun items as well.

    Please Email me at My Email Address

    X4 Cheese Spread
    x4 Cheese Spread With Jalapenos
    X1 Apple Jelly
    X1 BBQ Sauce
    X1 Picante Sauce
    X1 Peanut Butter
    X2 Vanilla Dairyshake Powder (Milk Shake)
    X2 Crackers
    X4 Vegtable Crackers
    X9 MRE Heaters
    X5 Wheat Snack Bread
    X1 Oatmeal Cookie
    X1 Pound Cake
    X1 Fudge Brownie
    X1 Toaster Pastry (think pop tart)
    X1 Fruit Bar
    X1 Nacho Pretzels
    X1 Potato Sticks
    X1 Nut Raisin Mix
    X1 Cappuccino Mocha
    X1 Cappuccino Vanilla
    X2 Cocoa Powder
    X1 Grape Powder
    X1 Orange Powder

    X1 White Rice
    X1 Spiced Apples
    X1 Pears
    X1 Noodles in butter sauce

    X1 Black Bean and Rice Burrito
    X1 Chili and Macaroni
    X1 Beef patty (Grilled)
    X1 Beef Ravioli in Meat Sauce
    X1 Chicken in Thai style sauce
    X1 Minestone stew
    X1 Chicken Breast Fillet Seasoned Grilled
    X1 Pork Chop, Chunked and formed in jamaican style sauce w/ noodles
    X1 Beef Stew
    X1 Country Captain Chicken

    I think I got it all :)

    MISC Accessories (Toilet Paper - Tea - Matches - Tabasco - ETC..)
    I have a lot of these things will throw some of these in with the meals :)