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For Those With A Variable Scope On Their AR

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I have a Vortex Strike Eagle on my AR15. I’ve noticed that I am always using it at either 1x or 6x magnification, never in between. I’m just curious if you find the same thing or not. If not, and you use the 2x, 3x, 4x, or 5x magnification, when and why do you use it?
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I think you will find this is true with most rifle scopes. I hunt a lot and almost all my rifle scopes are 2.5-8 or 2.5-10 of some variation. They are almost always set on the lowest setting and if something shows at 350 yards I can crank it it. Out to 100-150 yards the 2.5 setting is almost always what I use.

During low light conditions I occasionally find it useful to use an intermediate setting. I have found some the the really high magnification scopes like 20-25X unusable on really hot days with lots of mirage and you have to dial it down to 10-16X to be able to see the target.
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