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For those who own BOTH G30 and G21, which one shoots better for you?

  1. For those who own BOTH G30 and G21, which one shoots better for you?

    Am considering buying one of them. Am particularly interested in finding out if you shoot them equally well, or if the G21 with it's longer sight radius works better for you.

  2. The G21(in its various permutations) has always been more accurate for me than the one G30 I have owned(1998 production).
    I still like the 30, however, and am anxiously awaiting the Gen4 version.
  3. How big a difference between them, accuracy wise, for you?
  4. I have a 21RTF2 and Gen3 30SF. Accuracy wise about the same for both. Comfort wise I like the 21RTF2 more.

    I had a 21SF but sold it because I liked the RTF2 more.
  5. G30 is better for me, and has been my carry gun for 6 years. It's basically the same size as the G19, just thicker.
  6. At 50' off a bench(not a Ransom!) indoors, I would generally see 5-shot groups from the 30 maybe 1/2 to 1" larger than that of the 21. Not a huge difference, but it was fairly consistent.
    At 50' or closer standing(Weaver) there is not much difference to me, however.
    The 21(Gen3, SF, Gen4) have been the most accurate as well as reliable Glocks I have owned.*
    I will always have a 'big plastic 45' in my stable.

    * except for the ambi mag release on my early production SF which quit on me after a few thousand? rounds.
  7. The 30 has always shot better for me,.....no idea why. :dunno:
  8. I have both, the 30 shoots better for me,too.
  9. I own both a G21 and a G30. No question, between my two guns, the G21 is the most accurate.

  10. I have:
    Gen3 G30 (my EDC) for a year
    Gen4 G21 since last December

    I am more accurate with G21 but not much.

    I FEEL that I can move from one target to another quicker with G30 than G21.

    I think that having G21 helps my aim due to longer sight radius, and making my aim w/ G30 better.

    However, I do not think I can EDC G21 during warm weather.

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  11. Own both and shoot both equally well/poorly/the same. The difference to me is only size and weight. After a few rounds, I adjust to the size and weight of each and shoot about the same with either the 21 or 30. Couldn't say which is "better or worse" for my style of shooting. Love them both!!!
  12. I have both

    G21 Gen 4 that replaced a G21 ambi My G21 is a very soft shooting 45

    G30 gen 3 is my carry gun, its slightly smaller in size. I Conceal carry with the small magazine and carry 2 full size 21 magazines as reloads

    I think I shoot both guns the same in accuracy, the smaller 30 has more felt recoil for me.

    I love the G30 so much I used my GSSF award certificate to order a G30 Gen 4 I am supposed to get with in weeks

    Both are great guns ,I love a 45 because it kinda just thumps in your hand compaired to the crack of a 40
  13. Love both, but my 21 shoots far more accurately than my 30 (both Gen3). If I was going into battle tomorrow, my G21 would be my sidearm. No question about it.
  14. Thank you. Very helpful.
  15. The Glock 21 shoots better for me.
    The Glock 21 always has been, and always will be, my "go to" handgun.

    I have big hands and the grip fits me perfectly. It's never jammed or malfunction in any way. It's simple and reliable.

  16. Thank you to everyone who answered my questions. Very helpful!

    Now, I'll tell you what I'm strongly considering doing.

    I've already done this to a Glock 17, so it won't be a new thing to try, and it has worked out splendidly for me.

    My plan is to buy a G21, and chop the grip. Chop it so it will take the G30 mags, flush. And of course, I can still use the full size mags as well. What this will do, and that I especially like, is give me the full size slide and sight radius of the G21, with much of the concealability of the G30. It will probably weigh an ounce or two or three more than a G30. Not a problem. When I did this to my G17, I found that for concealing it that it works just fine. It's the height of a G26, and when that is important, that's how it goes. When it's on my nightstand, it has a full size 17 round mag in it. How does it shoot? Just as well as it shot as an unmodified G17.

    Depending on which version of the G21 I get, a grip reduction and stippling will likely be in its future, as well as new sights, and a 25cent trigger job.

    Once again, thanks for all the helpful answers!
  17. Best of luck to you in getting the .45 config that works best for your needs.

    Just a mention of another option for readers of this thread. Put an RMR on a milled slide of the G30 with tall, suppressor sights for co-witness BUIS. Concerns over sight radius disappear. It does not affect ease of concealment since the RMR is narrower than the G30 slide and the grip length remains the controlling factor. Weight difference is a wash since the RMR weight is cancelled by the steel removed from the slide. Bonus is you can hit steel consistently at 100 yds with ease. The RMR-equipped pistol is becoming so popular for everyday CCW, at SHOT 2013 Trijicon announced a new series of tall night sights to choose from for BUIS.
  18. Tough call really, I've had both, currently have a G21 Gen4. I like the 30 and it's very accurate too, but for concealment I've found it to be a little fat, and if I'm going to carry a fat pistol, might as well carry the 14rd G21 instead. I think the new 30S will make the 30 more concealable for sure, just hope it's offered in a Gen4 frame. With me, since I have a G23 and it carried better than the G30, that's probably why I didn't keep it around. The G23 is similar in overall size, but thinner, lighter and holds more rounds.

    I also have the G21 setup for the .45 Super if I want to shoot that. I just feel it's a better platform for it than the G30. I do lack a smaller carry .45, and if the G30S is ever offered with a Gen4 frame I'll be on it like white on rice.
  19. I had a 21sf for a while. I now own a 3osf. I find it fits me better and is more versatile. For me, it shoots just as well as a 21, if not better. It's also one of Massad Ayoob's favorites.
  20. Smooth, I'm glad you asked this question I had the same one! I really want a compact (19 size) 45 but not a 45Gap, but I see they dont make one grrrrr. But after looking at dimensions on glock web site it looks like the G30 is really close to the same size as a (19)
  21. FWIW, I have a G30 but not a G21. But I do own a G29 and a G20 and shoot the G20 better. Hope that helps. :dunno::cool:
  22. I have a Gen 4 19 and Gen 3 30SF and they are almost identical in size. I've carried the 30 or 30SF for 10+ yrs and I've never had an issue concealing it or the 19(although I prefer to carry the 26) I'm also 6'0 - 230 so that doesn't hurt. :supergrin:
  23. I don’t have a G21, but I have tried my G30SF with G21 magazines and a grip adapter which makes it like a G21. It fits the hand different and affects the grip (especially the pinky) with the grip adapter and I really don’t like it. It is fine with the G21 magazines without the grip adapter, and with the standard 10 and optional 9 round magazines. Handle both and decide because opinions may vary.
  24. The 21 for me as well. That is not taking away from the 30 at all tho. Both fine examples
  25. I am more accurate with my 21gen4 than I am with my 30sf... but not by much! Get whichever is the size you want. Both guns are more accurate than you.